For the first time in the history of the IRONMAN triathlon an Abkhaz Boris Bartsyts reached the distance in the competition in Barcelona.

Said Bargandzhia

Abkhaz Boris Bartsyts, the head of the sports club «Sport Apsny» and CEO of the cellular company A-Mobile, successfully finished the IRONMAN  triathlon competition — for the first time in the history of these competitions. He reached a distance of 226 kilometers in 14 hours.

Boris Bartsyts at the IRONMAN triathlon competition in Barcelona
© Boris Bartsyts

In an interview with the correspondent of the WAC web information portal, the athlete noted that he had set a goal to take part in these competitions two years ago.

«Participating in the Barcelona IRONMAN -2018 triathlon is a long-standing goal, and a successful finish is a victory over yourself,» he said. - It was important for me to test my strength, to overcome myself. I have been actively preparing for nine months.

Boris Bartsyts overcame a distance of 226 kilometers in 14 hours, it included swimming - 3.8 kilometers, a bicycle lap - 180 kilometers and a marathon - 42.2 kilometers.

«It was necessary to overcome all this in one breath, without interruptions. According to the rules, participants are given 15 hours and 40 minutes to reach the distance. Those who go beyond the prescribed time, do not finish,» - said the athlete.

According to the results of participation in the competition the Abkhaz athlete received the lifelong IRONMAN  title.

IRONMAN  is a triathlon long distance competition held by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Each individual race of the series consists of three stages, following each other without a break: it is swimming, highway bike riding and a marathon race. IRONMAN  triathlon is considered one of the most challenging one-day competitions in the world.