The exhibition "Abkhazia in Colours" by the artist Elena Nazarova has opened in the exhibition hall of the Museum of the PWPA in Gudauta.

Said Bargandzhia 

An exhibition by St. Petersburg artist Elena Nazarova opened at the Sergey Dbar Museum of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia in Gudauta on Friday 28 May. The event's partner was the World Abaza Congress.

The exhibition hall of the museum has not gathered so many people for a long time. This fact was noted by the speakers during the ceremonial part.

At the very beginning, the folklore ensemble "Ritsa" performed in front of the audience. Meanwhile, the author of the exhibition was modestly accepting admiring reviews from grateful spectators.

Elena Nazarova was born in Krasnoyarsk. Then in 1985 she graduated from the Leningrad Forestry Academy. In 2010 she defended her Ph.D. thesis. In the same year her monograph "Valaam. The palette of nature" was issued. Nazarova was published in the magazines of St. Petersburg as an artist, poet, writer.

The artist's exhibitions have been held since 1992. She took part in the exhibitions of the Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation "Shoes in Art" and "Children in Art". In 2013-2020, seven of her personal exhibitions were held in St. Petersburg.

In 2015, Elena Nazarova, together with her husband, moved to Abkhazia. Since then, it was Abkhazia that became the center of her work.

"For me, Abkhazia is not only a flourishing land with a difficult fate and special people. This is a land not emasculated by civilization. People live surrounded by primordial elements: mountains, sea, fertile earth, fire. It is impossible to be different here: the Caucasus has survived thanks to strong clan ties. All this wealth, diversity is decorated with the brightest colors. That is why the exhibition is called "Abkhazia in Colors". This does not imply my artistic vocation, but primordial brightness and saturation," the artist explained.

She expressed profound gratitude to the World Abaza Congress. According to the artist, the exhibition would not have taken place without the help of the Congress and Mussa Ekzekov personally. She also expressed hope for further cooperation.

The mission to announce the opening of the exhibition fell to the representative of the WAC, the issuing editor of the Information portal of the Congress, Izolda Khagba. She greeted everyone on behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov.

"It is a great joy for the WAC to "stand next to" such a talented person who has fallen in love with Abkhazia so much. Through the colors, the positivity and warmth that comes from the paintings, we see that Elena Nikolaevna was deeply imbued with the beauty of nature. However, I think, this would not have happened if she had not been imbued with culture, traditions, and, of course, people," said Izolda Khagba.

Special words of gratitude were addressed to Elena Nazarova by the director of the Museum Batal Gunba.

"She embraced our culture, she really likes Abkhazia. Over the seven years of her residence in the country, Elena Nazarova has created more than 100 works dedicated to Abkhazia. The exhibition presents about 60 of them. I hope we will continue to cooperate with this artist, with this wonderful person," said the director.

Nazarova's work was highly appreciated by her Abkhazian colleague, a well-known artist in the Republic, Ruslan Pandaria.

"The author feels all the beauty of Abkhazia. What a richness of colors, so many dynamics are in compositions, in landscapes! It is very pleasant that our Abkhazian beauty amazed such an artist," said Pandaria.

The famous St. Petersburg art critic Grigory Kamer, in turn, believes that "Abkhazia in Colors" is a world-class exhibition.

"These are works that can be an honor to any exhibition hall, because we see the author as a wonderful colourist. I don’t note about 10 paintings with a wonderful colour very of then, just wonderful," the artist gave his assessment.

The exhibition was visited by the Minister of Education and Language Policy of Abkhazia Inal Gablia. He thanked Elena Nazarova for the pictures about Abkhazia and wished her further creative success.

He noted that he is very fond of art and admitted that he sometimes draws himself.

"I, of course, am not a professional, but I can assess that the exhibition is of a very high level," the Minister said.

Elena Nazarova's exhibition "Abkhazia in Colours" will be held for three months. Anyone can visit it. Entry is free. All works presented at the exhibition can be purchased. The price of paintings varies from 20 thousand to 200 thousand rubles.