Due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation with the COVID-19 in Abkhazia, new restrictions came into force.

Restrictions have been introduced in Abkhazia aimed at countering the spread of coronavirus infection. They came into force on October 5, the President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, signed a corresponding order back in mid-September.

According to the new decree, from October 5, indoor mass, sports, entertainment and exhibition events, with the exception of the activities of cultural institutions, are prohibited in the Republic. It is clarified that such institutions can carry out their activities subject to the mandatory requirements for the use of personal protective equipment by employees and limiting the number of citizens simultaneously present at the events "by placing them across two seats."  The premises are prescribed to carry out daily preventive disinfection.

It is forbidden to hold weddings and other solemn events, it is recommended to limit the number of those present at mourning and memorial events.

The restrictions also affected catering establishments.

"For public catering facilities, ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements for the arrangement of tables for serving citizens with a social distance (at least 1.5 meters) and the use of personal protective equipment by service personnel," the order says.

According to the document, the administration of food, agricultural and clothing markets in Sukhum and the regions of Abkhazia must daily disinfect the markets and the adjacent territories.  The use of personal protective equipment by vendors and other market workers is also becoming mandatory.

Local administrations have been instructed to ensure daily preventive disinfection of public transport cabins and the use of personal protective equipment by drivers.

Instructions to ministries and departments

According to the order, the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, by October 15, 2020, must choose medical institutions in the capital and districts of the Republic of Abkhazia, where isolated rooms for those infected with coronavirus will be opened. By the same date, the organizational and technical measures for the centralized oxygen supply in the infectious ward of the Gudauta Central District Hospital should be completed.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic needs to provide funding for increasing the number of employees of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health (up to eight people). Additional funding should also be allocated for the purchase of special equipment and consumables needed to increase the number of studies and tests to detect coronavirus infection.

The Ministry of Education and Language Policy has been instructed, together with local administrations, to constantly provide preschool and general education institutions with personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and thermometers.

According to the Operational Headquarters for the Protection of the Population from Coronavirus Infection, over the past day 49 cases of infection were detected, 192 people were tested. There are 138 patients in the Gudauta Central District Hospital, of which 117 are with confirmed coronavirus.  17 people are in serious condition, 46 patients are of moderate severity. 19 patients were discharged.

The total number of coronavirus cases detected in Abkhazia today is 1765 people. Of these, 640 recovered and 15 died.