The Operational Headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus infection reported that to date 25 people have been detected COVID-19 infected in Abkhazia.

Six new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in Abkhazia. The sick will be hospitalized in the event that their condition is moderate or severe. This was announced by the Operational Headquarters for the protection of the population from Coronavirus Infection.

According to the Headquarters, at the moment there are 25 people with COVID-19 in Abkhazia.  Of the previously identified cases, nine people are in the Gudauta hospital, seven people are at home under regular medical supervision.

According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya, based on the decision of the Coordination Headquarters for the protection of the population of the Republic of Abkhazia from COVID-19 infection dated July 27, 2020, the restrictions on crossing the Abkhaz-Russian state border were extended until August 4, 2020, and a single entry is also allowed for foreign citizens and stateless persons to the territory of Abkhazia to visit close relatives living in the country without presenting a document confirming the test - a coronavirus infection COVID-19 test with negative result.

In total, 63 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Abkhazia during the pandemic, of which 37 people recovered and two patients died.