There are 10 days left until the election of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia.  Candidates' election campaigns are active, the people of Abkhazia are preparing to make their choice.

In the light of upcoming events, we consider it necessary to make the following statement:

The public organization World Abaza Congress is not a political organization and does not participate in political processes.  At the same time, we are ready for a working dialogue with all the political forces of the republic, without expressing any preferences to anyone.

The goal of the WAC was and remains the strengthening of the ethnocultural values ​​of the Abkhaz-Abaza and Ubykh peoples. We see one of our main tasks as promoting social activity, creating favorable living conditions for people and strengthening civil society.

To solve these problems, the Congress is actively working on the establishment of local branches in the settlements of the Republic of Abkhazia. The WAC employees meet with initiative residents of villages and town of Abkhazia, discuss the most pressing problems of people and develop roadmaps for the step-by-step development of settlements. Currently, such work on a systematic basis is already being carried out in 37 settlements.

The WAC has a systematic database of the most pressing problems of the settlements in which local branches operate.  All of them need to be resolved as soon as possible.

A part of them is already being resolved by the Congress team.  So, for example, in the village of Baslakhu, with the joint efforts of the villagers and the WAC team, a house is being built for the family of the artist of the local school.  In the village of Guada, 50 houses and a school have been deprived of water supply for 25 years.  Arrangements have already been made for the procurement of all materials.  Residents are ready to do all the work on their own.

These and dozens of other problems are a great opportunity to actually take care of the residents of the republic.

The problems and tasks identified by us will be relevant regardless of what the outcome of the election of the President of Abkhazia will be. In this regard, we are ready to share the available information with all participants in the presidential campaign.

We believe that any applicant for the highest public office in the Republic should build a strategy for the development of the country, based on the real needs and demands of the people.  Therefore, the work carried out by the Congress will be useful to all candidates.

Dear residents of the republic, dear candidates!

We believe in a prosperous future for our Motherland. We sincerely want to live in a successful country where power serves the interests of people.

We are confident that together with the residents of the country, together with all healthy political forces, we will be able to create an effective model of mutual assistance and creation for solving urgent problems of the citizens of Abkhazia.