The WAC will hold a competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC.

The World Abaza Congress announces a competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC.

The chief of staff of the WAC Kan Tania said that the WAC team today is a well-coordinated team facing extremely important tasks: strengthening the ethno-cultural unity of the Abkhaz-Abaza people, preserving and developing the native language, traditions and culture both in Abkhazia and in the countries of compact residence of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora.

He noted that the volume of work and the number of people actively participating in the implementation of the Congress program are increasing every year. Naturally, there is a need for new employees to maintain and increase the pace of implementation of tasks.

"We need active people, ideological, sincerely loving their people, traditions and culture. We see the main responsibility of the new employee to work, first of all, on the implementation of projects together with the assets of existing local branches and work on opening new branches on the territory of Abkhazia," Tania said.

He added that the activities of the Congress according to the model of the Chairman of the WAC SC Mussa Ekzekov mean maximum transparency and openness for all participants, so the decision was made to find a new employee on a competitive basis.

"We are convinced that this will allow us to identify the most suitable candidate for the solution of our statutory goals," explained Kan Tania.

WAC Executive Secretary Inar Gitsba, in turn, noted that the Congress team is optimistic for the new employee and expects that he will perform his duties "conscientiously and with full dedication".

"We assume that the competitive testing process will allow us to identify the most motivated candidate. We select not just an employee, but also a team member, a like-minded person. In this position, I see a caring, active, creative and success-oriented colleague," Gitsba said.

He expressed confidence that the new employee will easily join the WAC team and give dynamics to the cohesive work. Gitsba promised that it would be interesting to work with the friendly team of the Congress.

The Executive Secretary of the WAC noted that since the activities of the Congress are focused on the preservation and strengthening of the ethnocultural values of the Abkhaz-Abaza people, it presupposes live communication with people, bearers of a unique culture.

"Therefore, we are waiting for a person who is concerned, with a creative mind. We have very talented youth. Moreover, we believe that the competitive basis for the selection of personnel will provide equal conditions for a wide range of potential applicants, and will also give us the opportunity to offer a job to a candidate whose personal moral, ethical and professional qualities meet the goals and objectives of the WAC. At the same time, we hope that competitive tests will help to form a personnel reserve with the possibility, in the future, to engage people in the activities of the Congress," said Inar Gitsba.

Rules of the competition

First stage. From February 10 to February 20, the applications of contenders, citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia who have reached the age of 25, are accepted for participation in the competitive procedure. The filled application can be submitted personally in the WAC office from 9:00 to 18:00, or sent to

Application form of a candidate for filling the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC in the following formats:

At the second stage, participants will be tested online. Applicants will be required to answer 25 questions within 30 minutes. The use of reference books, mobile communications and other means of storing and transmitting information is not allowed.

At the third stage, applicants will undergo individual interviews. Interviews will be conducted by members of the competition commission from among the staff of the Sukhum branch of the WAC.

When assessing the professional and personal qualities of candidates, the competition committee will proceed from the qualification requirements for a vacant position and other provisions of the job regulations for the position.

The competition committee also has the right to make a decision, which has a recommendatory nature, on the inclusion in the personnel reserve of the organization of a candidate who did not become the winner of the competition for filling a vacant position, but whose professional and personal qualities were highly appreciated.

The fourth stage is an online interview with the Chairman of the WAC SC Mussa Ekzekov. Based on the results of the fourth stage, two candidates will be chosen for one month paid probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, one employee will be selected on a permanent basis.

Reception of application forms and individual interviews are carried out at the address: Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, 109 Lakoba st., office of the World Abaza Congress. For information call: +7 840 226-25-26