World Abaza Congress donated COVID-19 preventing medical devices to schools in Abkhazia.

The World Abaza Congress handed over bactericidal recirculators and 20 non-contact thermometers to ten schools of Abkhazia. Six sets were distributed to schools in Sukhum and four in Gagra. 

The Chairman of the Council of the WAC regional branch in St. Petersburg, Temur Rekvava, said that due to a sharp increase of infected, the WAC team studied the situation in schools in order to take timely measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

"We talked with the school leaders, studied their needs. By the decision of the head of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov, recirculators and non-contact thermometers were purchased," said Rekvava.

He noted that the devices will complement the set of measures in schools required to combat the spread of coronavirus.

"The devices we have transferred are additional to strengthening measures to counter the spread of coronavirus. We are convinced that this will strengthen measures to protect children and teachers from infection and will not disrupt the full-time educational process," said Timur Rekvava.

Recirculators and non-contact thermometers on behalf of the WAC were handed over to the Gagra schools by the employee of the Congress Izolda Khagba. She recalled that with the beginning of the school year, fears arose in the society about a possible surge in the incidence among teachers. A special risk group includes teachers of the older generation.

WAC donated recirculators and non-contact thermometers to Gagra schools

"Having weighed the risks, we decided to purchase recirculators that disinfect the air for the teachers' rooms of four schools in Gagra. These devices help to destroy bacteria, microorganisms and viruses indoors, which is important not only in times of coronavirus, but also at any other time when there is a high viral and bacterial load," said Izolda Khagba.

Dmitry Zhiba, the coordinator of the WAC local branches, noted that the WAC team managed to implement the project of equipping schools with special devices in the shortest possible time. He said that representatives of schools warmly accepted the devices as a gift: everyone understands that it is necessary to protect schools as much as possible from the spread of coronavirus infection.

"We hope to somehow protect teachers from the spread of the virus in the school and, as a result, ensure the continuation of the educational process. We highly appreciate the work of our teachers and well understand the importance of their work, therefore we consider it our duty to protect them and, if possible, make their life easier," said the coordinator.

For some schools, interaction with the WAC was not the first experience of communicating with the Congress. The head of the Gagra secondary school No. 1 Hana Gunba said that the students had previously taken part in one of the WAC projects, which was dedicated to the Nart epos, and "even became winners."

"On my own behalf and on behalf of the entire teaching staff, I sincerely thank the World Abaza Congress for the attention, I want to wish you success in your work. Thanks a lot! We are very pleased!," said the headmaster.

WAC Executive Secretary Inar Gitsba noted that joint actions of the Congress and Abkhazian schools will continue. He said that literally during the last action, the idea came to test the use of visual symbols in schools for a better visual perception of the subject of instruction by children. It is about the basic visualization used in the learning process of children.

"It was decided to make an illustration of the multiplication table in the form of multi-colored stickers, which will be applied to the spans between the steps inside the school. Thus, climbing the stairs every day, students will record the values ​​of this table in their memory. Together with the multiplication table stickers, we also ordered a diagram showing the units of measurement of the angle degree. This diagram, also in the form of a sticker, is fixed under the door on the floor and shows at what degree the door is open," explained Gitsba.

He said that the WAC is already working on the implementation of this project in two Sukhum schools: No. 5 and No. 15.

"Both the teaching staff of the schools and the students liked the idea. Teachers of secondary school No. 15 made a proposal to make such visual pictures with the Abkhazian alphabet, on which we have already begun to work," said the WAC Executive Secretary.

From the first days of the coronavirus pandemic, the team of the World Abaza Congress, headed by the Chairman of the Supreme Council Mussa Ekzekov, has been helping to combat the spread of COVID-19. A number of projects have already been implemented. WAC is going to continue to provide assistance in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.