World Abaza Congress

29 May 2024
Illustrated Abaza alphabet: a teaching manual in pictures
The Abaza language belongs to the Abkhaz-Adyg group of the North Caucasian family of languages. It is related to the Adyg, Kabardino-Circassian, Ubykh (now extinct) and Abkhaz language, with which it is the closest. The Abaza language has two dialects: Tapant (from Abaza Ashua), which underlies the literary language, and Ashkhar (from Abaza Shkaraua). Both are used today. The developer of the first Abaza alphabet was the Abaza and Circassian writer and poet Tatlustan Tabulov.

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Fatima and Arthur Ionovs prepared this original edition of the Abaza alphabet. This manual in pictures helps everyone to learn the alphabet in a playful way: each letter of the Abaza alphabet has a quatrain and a picture illustrated by artist Paul Johnson.The project is implemented with the assistance of the International Association for the Development of the Abkhaz-Abaza ethnic group "Alashara".