May 27, 2019


Teacher by profession,
fighter by vocation: the life
story of Konstantin Shakryl
On May 20, the outstanding Abkhaz enlightener, winner of the Dmitry Gulia
State Prize Konstantin Shakryl would have turned 120 years old.
On the stage and in life: the history
of the People's Artist of the
USSR Sharakh Pachaliya
People's Artist of the Soviet Union Sharakh Pachaliya would have turned 105
on May 20. For this date, the WAC web info portal prepared an essay about his life and work.
Valerian Kobakhia: “led the ship
of Abkhazia in the right direction”
In 2019, the well-known Abkhaz state and public figure Valerian Kobakhia
would have turned 90 years old. For this date, the WAC web
info portal publishes an essay about him.
Kandid Tarba and the “Kavkaz”
ensemble: one soul, one heart
The WAC web info portal publishes the story of the legendary folk dance ensemble
“Kavkaz”, which is inextricably linked with the life of its creator, Kandid Tarba. 2019 became
an anniversary year both for the recently departed Kandid and for the “Kavkaz”.
Loved by the people:
on Bagrat Shinkuba
A boy from an ordinary peasant family, who wrote poems about his native village,
he grew up into an outstanding author of famous books
Battles in the mountains
of Abkhazia: from the history
of the Great Patriotic War
The battles on the mountain passes of Abkhazia are one of the bloodiest
episodes of the Great Patriotic War, which largely determined
the outcome of the battle for the Caucasus.
Archaeologist, politician,
defender of truth: on Yuri Voronov
A bright statesman, archeologist, historian, Caucasian historian,
a person who cares for the fate of the Motherland and always
defends the truth - these are not all the epithets applicable
to the personality of Yuri Nikolayevich Voronov.
Science and politics
in the life of Georgy Dzidzaria
The famous Caucasus expert Georgy Dzidaria entered the history of Abkhazia
not only as an outstanding scholar, but also asa co-author of the famous
“Letter of the three”.This year marks 105 years since his birth.
“I firmly know the purpose of
my life”: to the 70th anniversary
of the birth of Kerim Mkhtse
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of the famous
Abaza poet Kerim Mkhtse, many of whose works are regarded
by literary critics as world heritage.
“I remained faithful to the truth”:
to the birthday of Mikael Chikatuev
On the birthday of Mikael Chikatuev, the WAC web information portal
tells about one of the brightest Abaza poets.
Uncompromising critic and
kind-hearted man: to the birthday
of Vladimir Tugov
To the birthday of Vladimir Batahovich Tugov, the founder of the Abaza
literary studies and folklore studies, the WAC web information portal
prepared material on this amazing scholar.
Strategist, knight, hero:
on Sultan Sosnaliev
He came to the war as a colonel of the Armed Forces of the USSR — and
returned to his homeland as lieutenant-general of the Republic of Abkhazia.
Sultan Sosnaliev, a Kabardinian, due to his own free will, found himself close
to the Abkhaz during the 1992-1993 Patriotic War.

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