March 20, 2019


Unity in the name of freedom:
for the anniversary of the
1989 Lykhny appeal
On March 18, 1989, the historic Lykhny gathering took place in Abkhazia,
where an appeal was made on behalf of more than 30 thousand people in favor
of independence of Abkhazia with the restoration of the status of the Federal Republic.
Viacheslav Chirikba: I can say that
I am satisfied with my way of life
On the eve of his 60th birthday, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia,
a member of the Supreme Council of the WAC, doctor of philology, professor
Viacheslav Chirikba told the WAC web information portal about choosing a profession,
scientific activities, teaching in Europe and his way of life.
“I have never seen tears and sobs
over a book”: to the 115th
anniversary of Iua Kogonia
Iua Kogonia lived a very short life, died young, but his star was one of the
brightest in the constellation of Abkhaz poets.
“Is it simple: to burn every day
since dawn for everyone?”: To the
80th anniversary of Taif Adzhba
On March 11, one of the favorite poets in Abkhazia Taif Adzhba
would have turned 80 years old. The memory of him is alive among the people,
as his sincere lines are alive and eternally new.
Efrem Eshba: revolutionary and
fighter for Abkhaz statehood
Many modern historians believe that the main driving force of the Abkhaz
revolutionaries was not the victory of the socialist revolution, but the idea
of Abkhaz statehood. This statement can be attributed to Efrem Eshba.
Fazil Iskander:
wiseman from Chegem
A poet, writer, philosopher who brilliantly possessed
the language: his aphorisms truly impressed: "How simply
it is said, but how accurate, how deep!".
Charismatic leader:
the second President of Abkhazia
Sergey Bagapsh
Sergey Bagapsh will remain in the history of the modern Abkhaz state
as its leader, under whose rule Russia and a number of other countries
recognized the independence of the Republic. On March 4,
the second President of Abkhazia would celebrate his 70th anniversary.
On the day of the 100th anniversary
of “Apsny”: what the first Abkhaz
newspaper wrote and writes
100 years ago, on February 27, 1919, the first issue of the first newspaper
in the Abkhaz language “Apsny” was published. This day has become
a professional holiday of the media of Abkhazia.
The pioneer in everything
and the patriarch of Abkhaz
literature: about Dmitry Gulia
Dmitry Gulia, being himself a pioneer writer in Abkhazia, always
put maximum efforts to bring together young people from Abkhaz
intellectuals on the horizon of literature, culture and education.
Tatlustan Tabulov:
"The only serious Abazin worker"
Tatlustan Tabulov is the pioneer of Abazin literature, the first collector
of national folklore, the author of the first letters and textbooks on Circassian
and Abazin languages, the first professional abazin-speaking writer.
The first beauty of the world
Keriman Ebrzhnou:
I am Circassian, Abaza
The poet Karnik Garmiyan called her "the rose of the country, the beauty
of the world", the founder of the modern Turkish state Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
ordered everyone to consider her queen, adding to her name the surname Eje.
Khibla Gerzmava
"Golden soprano"
of Abkhazia and Russia
The name of Khibla in translation from the Abkhaz
means "gold-eyed", and critics have long called her
the "golden soprano" of Russia.
Alexander Shervashidze-Chachba:
the artist in exile
«Only that art lives, which was born from life»
from the notebooks of Alexander Shervashidze-Chachba
Abkhazians and Abazins:
carriers of a unique
national culture
A cycle of ethnographic essays on various aspects of everyday life,
art, crafts and national customs of these peoples with
common roots and a common history.
Founder of the first constitution
and thinker of a free Abkhazia:
about Simon Basaria
He stood at the origins of the national liberation idea of ​​the Abkhaz people,
created the first Constitution in the history of Abkhazia, was convinced that the future
of the Republic is in alliance with the mountaineers of the North Caucasus.
Simon Basaria could not be forgiven such free-thinking and initiative.

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