13 December 2019


Alisa Gitsba: the most exciting
and responsible concerts - at home
in Abkhazia
On December 5, the famous Abkhaz singer Alisa Gitsba celebrates her birthday.
For this date, the WAC web information portal prepared an essay on the life and career of the artist.
Nelly Tarba: first Abkhaz
poetess and happy woman
November 20 would mark the 85th anniversary
of the first Abkhaz poetess Nelly Tarba.
Abkhazians and Abazins:
carriers of a unique
national culture
A cycle of ethnographic essays on various aspects of everyday life,
art, crafts and national customs of these peoples with
common roots and a common history.
Speak Abaza: past, present and
future of the Abaza language
The Abaza language has two dialects: Tapant (from Abaz. Ashua), which underlies
the literary language, and Ashkhar (from Abaz. Shkaraua). Both are used today.
Nart epos of the Abkhaz:
legendary autograph of the people
The Nart epos is the key to the history of the peoples who gave birth to it,
the key to understanding the culture that goes back to deep antiquity.
Enver Kapba:
“You are a man, but an Abkhaz”
On October 20, the well-known Abkhaz public figure
Enver Erastovich Kapba would have turned 83 years old.
Sukhum heritage
of Joachim Aloisi
This year marks the 165th anniversary of the birth of the industrialist,
merchant and silkworm maker, philanthropist Joachim Aloisi, who built
several luxurious buildings in Sukhum in the early 20th century.
Mussa Ekzekov: “Preservation
of my people has worried
me since childhood”
On August 13, the head of the Supreme Council of the WAC, a scientist and
philanthropist, public figure whose purpose and putting of efforts were
aimed at the revival of his own people - Mussa Ekzekov celebrates his anniversary.
Taras Shamba: “President of all Abkhaz”
For the birthday of Taras Shamba, the man with whom the World Abaza Congress
began to exist, the WAC web information portal prepared an essay on him.
Abkhaz Hundred: in whom
“the true spirit of chivalry” lived
2019 marks the 105th anniversary since the start of the First World War,
in which the Abkhaz warriors fought, showing exceptional courage in battle,
sincere devotion to the Motherland.
Life in sculpture: the story of the
first Abkhaz woman sculptor
Marina Eshba
July 20 would be the 95th anniversary of the outstanding Abkhaz woman,
the first woman sculptor, laureate of the Dmitry Gulia State Prize, a member of the
national liberation movement of the Abkhaz people in the years of Georgian oppression Marina Eshba.
Acquaintance, abduction,
feast: Abkhaz wedding through
the eyes of ethnographers
Much has changed over the centuries in the marriage traditions of the Abkhaz people,
but it is also surprising that much has been preserved.
Still wanted to catch a lot
near my people: for the
birthday of Boris Adleyba
July 15, on the birthday of Boris Adleyba, the WAC web information
portal recalls this bright leader of Abkhazia of modern times.
Actor “without a mask”: the story
of life and work of
Nurbey Kamkia
The famous Abkhaz actor of theater and cinema, the people's
artist of the Georgian SSR, the Abkhaz ASSR and the North Ossetian ASSR
Nurbey Kamkia would have turned 85 on June 15.
Prince of Oldenburg:
founder of the Gagra resort
The name of Prince Gagra, which became the first “climate station” in the Caucasus
in tsarist Russia, is associated with the name of Prince Alexander of Oldenburg.
This year marks 175 years since the birth of the prince.

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