25 October 2021


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17/06/2021 09:30 7584
A horse from Abkhazia won the competition at the newly opened hippodrome in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic

In the Apsua village of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, a hippodrome was solemnly opened. In honor of its opening, a horse race was held, the winner of which was a horse from Abkhazia.

26/02/2021 10:05 Events 24976
WAC and "Alashara" approved a program for the development of the Abaza people language

The World Abaza Congress and ANO "Alashara" have formed and approved a new program for the development and preservation of the Abkhaz and Abaza languages.

01/12/2020 23:30 65720
Traditional knife making: the "Amazara" project released a new video

The documentary film about the Abaza knife business continued the project of the World Abaza Congress and the ANO "Alashara" about the intangible heritage of the Abkhaz-Abaza people.

09/10/2020 13:25 14580
WAC will establish a Discussion club in Karachay-Cherkessia

On behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Council, the WAC will create a Discussion club in the KChR.

03/11/2019 18:50 20373
Tabulov readings completed the fourth festival of Abaza language and literature in the KChR

From October 27 to November 1, the fourth festival of the Abaza language and literature was held in the KChR, culminating in the traditional “Tabulov readings” conference.

28/10/2019 20:35 21011
The fourth Festival of the Abaza language and literature began in Karachay-Cherkessia

Open lessons of native language and Abaza literature were held in one of the schools in Karachay-Cherkessia, marking the beginning of the annual Festival of Abaza language and literature

22/10/2019 01:00 20573
Three wonderful days at the festival in the KChR: sketches of journalist Ekaterina Bebia

For the first time in Abkhazia - the big “Abaza” festival, which has been held in the KChR for many years. In the summer of 2019, an entire Abkhaz delegation visited it. We publish the sketches of these July days, written by our colleague, journalist Ekaterina Bebia.

05/10/2019 16:45 News 21502
The cultural and sports festival “Abaza” will open for the first time in Abkhazia on October 16

For the first time, the World Abaza Congress will hold the “Abaza” cultural and sports festival in Abkhazia.

15/08/2019 10:05 Short history course 32930
Portraits of the war: stories of Abkhaz volunteers

Volunteer Day, dedicated to people who fought together with the Abkhaz people during the 1992-1993 PWPA, is celebrated on August 15 in Abkhazia. The WAC web info portal publishes several stories of volunteer veterans by this date.

01/08/2019 13:50 20787
After a trip to Cherkessk, the Abkhaz delegation once again remembered the “Abaza” festival

The annual cultural and sports festival “Abaza” was held in the KChR in 2019 for the sixth time. Upon arrival from Cherkessk, members of the Abkhaz delegation shared their impressions of this bright event.

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