19 May 2024


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19/02/2024 13:30 Video Video 1748
A short virtual tour of the Gulia House Museum

WAC declared a week of D.I. Gulia to the 150th anniversary of the founder of Abkhaz literature, national poet and scholar. Every day we will share with you new publications about the life and work of the writer. Follow us on website and  social networks.

28/12/2023 12:45 News 2531
In memory of Bocha Adzhindzhal

On December 28, the famous art critic and public figure Bocha Medzhitovich Adzhindzhal was born.

25/12/2023 10:55 2603
Hands of the creator: on the life and work of Amiran Adleyba

We bring to your attention an essay about the life and creative work of the sculptor and artist Amiran Adleyba, prepared by the Information Department of the WAC.

22/07/2023 13:25 5153
 "Forever devoted to the people of the mountains": to the birthday of Thomas Kokoskir

The WAC Infoportal prepared an essay about the life and fate of the People's Artist of Abkhazia, the film actor Thomas Kokoskir to his birthday.

12/06/2023 13:50 5003
From amateur to professional: about the career of boxer Khariton Agrba

The information portal of the World Abaza Congress has prepared an essay on the sports career of the Russian boxer Khariton Agrba.

25/05/2023 14:05 4201
"Breathing out the souls of words": to the anniversary of the poet and writer Daur Zantaria

WAC information portal publishes an essay on the work and fate of the outstanding Abkhazian writer of our days, Daur Zantaria to his 70th anniversary.

17/05/2023 12:20 5482
Poetry is a calling, not a profession. To the birthday of Khadzhismel Adzhibekov

WAC information portal prepared an essay on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the people's poet of Karachay-Cherkessia, writer and translator.

19/01/2023 13:20 6172
From Mgudzyrkhua to Addis Ababa: the story of Soviet diplomat Grigory Shulumba

A boy from an ordinary Abkhazian family dreamed of studying, and then was in different countries, found a wife in Central Asia and took her to Ethiopia. Diplomat Grigory Shulumba did not like to talk about work and life, but we remember and know about him.

15/03/2022 11:25 42283
 “To be an inextinguishable flame of the people”: on the birthday of writer Alexey Gogua

The WAC web information portal prepared an essay about the popularly beloved writer in Abkhazia, our contemporary Alexey Gogua on his birthday.

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