29 September 2023


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22/07/2023 13:25 Personalities 2464
 "Forever devoted to the people of the mountains": to the birthday of Thomas Kokoskir

The WAC Infoportal prepared an essay about the life and fate of the People's Artist of Abkhazia, the film actor Thomas Kokoskir to his birthday.

25/05/2023 14:05 Personalities 1875
"Breathing out the souls of words": to the anniversary of the poet and writer Daur Zantaria

WAC information portal publishes an essay on the work and fate of the outstanding Abkhazian writer of our days, Daur Zantaria to his 70th anniversary.

17/05/2023 12:20 Personalities 3202
Poetry is a calling, not a profession. To the birthday of Khadzhismel Adzhibekov

WAC information portal prepared an essay on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the people's poet of Karachay-Cherkessia, writer and translator.

03/04/2023 13:10 Ethnography 2974
"Amazara": Abaza wedding ceremonies continued the WAC project on intangible heritage

The "Amazara" joint project of the WAC and the ANO "Alashara" continues the cycle of videos on Abaza wedding and post-wedding rites.

19/01/2023 13:20 Personalities 3663
From Mgudzyrkhua to Addis Ababa: the story of Soviet diplomat Grigory Shulumba

A boy from an ordinary Abkhazian family dreamed of studying, and then was in different countries, found a wife in Central Asia and took her to Ethiopia. Diplomat Grigory Shulumba did not like to talk about work and life, but we remember and know about him.

15/03/2022 11:25 Personalities 37166
 “To be an inextinguishable flame of the people”: on the birthday of writer Alexey Gogua

The WAC web information portal prepared an essay about the popularly beloved writer in Abkhazia, our contemporary Alexey Gogua on his birthday.

11/03/2022 09:30 Personalities 25834
“Is it simple: to burn every day since dawn for everyone?”: in memory of Taif Adzhba

On March 11, 1939, one of the favorite poets in Abkhazia, Taif Adzhba, was born. On October 9, 1992, he and few other Abkhazians were taken away in an unknown direction by Georgian guards. The memory of him among the people is alive, just as his sincere lines are alive and eternally new.

04/06/2021 13:35 Photo 25730
Making of ashamaka: technology in detail

The WAC web information portal made a photoblog, which shows in detail the process of making the Abkhazian memorial candle of ashamaka.

04/06/2021 13:10 Ethnography 28004
In memory of the departed: the Abkhazian tradition of lighting tree-like candles

The WAC is reviving the tradition of the Abkhazian ritual candle: for the second year in a row, on the day of remembrance of the victims of the Caucasian War, in May, ashamaka was lit. What is this tradition, what are its roots and history? The Information portal of the Congress has prepared a detailed material about this.

03/07/2020 14:00 Short history course 27300
The Tower of broken hearts: annual excavations of the Great Abkhaz Wall have been completed

A year has passed since the beginning of the archaeological project “Secrets of the Great Abkhaz Wall”. The excavation participant, volunteer Vasily Nikulin, shared his impressions of this work, talked about artifacts and asked experts about the significance of the finds.

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