1 October 2023


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08/09/2023 09:50 News 535
The WAC and the Albamed Medical Center held a medical and social conference

Participants and guests of the conference discussed the rehabilitation potential of children with delayed psycho-speech development.

25/05/2023 14:05 Personalities 1879
"Breathing out the souls of words": to the anniversary of the poet and writer Daur Zantaria

WAC information portal publishes an essay on the work and fate of the outstanding Abkhazian writer of our days, Daur Zantaria to his 70th anniversary.

10/05/2023 21:35 News 2464
Presentation of a collection of Abkhazian folk dance music was held in Sukhum

A collection of folk dance Abkhazian music was presented in Sukhum. The author is the People's Artist of Abkhazia, musician and composer Otar Khuntsaria.

05/04/2023 16:00 Video 2403
“Walking the paths of Apsuara” video cycle: interview with Emma Kilba

Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with scholar Emma Kilba on the author's TV show "Walking the paths of Apsuara".

03/04/2023 13:10 Ethnography 2982
"Amazara": Abaza wedding ceremonies continued the WAC project on intangible heritage

The "Amazara" joint project of the WAC and the ANO "Alashara" continues the cycle of videos on Abaza wedding and post-wedding rites.

12/02/2023 14:35 News 3237
WAC and musician Abzagu Marykhuba launched a new project "Voice of Youth"

The World Abaza Congress and musician Abzagu Marykhuba launched a pilot project "Аҿар рыбжьы".)"Voice of Youth")

11/12/2022 22:15 Sports 4142
The 10th anniversary of the "Abaza" freestyle wrestling club was celebrated at a conference in Novy Afon

The conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the "Abaza" freestyle wrestling club was held in Novy Afon.

14/11/2022 10:30 News 3706
National music of the Abaza people was on the agenda of the WAC Discussion club

The Discussion club of the World Abaza Congress continues to hold working meetings with invited experts. The topic of another meeting of the club is "National music of the Abaza people: yesterday, today, tomorrow". 

17/10/2022 14:05 News 4953
Traditional and contemporary art of the Abkhazians and Abaza was discussed in the WAC

Experts and members of the Discussion Club of the World Abaza Congress discussed the topic of preserving the traditional art of the Abkhazians and Abaza at another meeting in the WAC press center.

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