15 November 2019



06/11/2019 10:40
Dreams of homeland: the story of Aziz Abaza from Jordan

The WAC web info portal continues to tell stories about representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza ethnic group living abroad. This story is about Aziz Abaza (Mkhtse) from Jordan.

03/11/2019 18:50 KChR
Tabulov readings completed the fourth festival of Abaza language and literature in the KChR

From October 27 to November 1, the fourth festival of the Abaza language and literature was held in the KChR, culminating in the traditional “Tabulov readings” conference.

30/10/2019 09:40 Events
A book about ethnomusical history of Diaspora in Turkey was presented in Sukhum

A book about the instrumental traditions of Abkhaz and Circassians from Turkey was presented in Sukhum.

28/10/2019 20:35 KChR
The fourth Festival of the Abaza language and literature began in Karachay-Cherkessia

Open lessons of native language and Abaza literature were held in one of the schools in Karachay-Cherkessia, marking the beginning of the annual Festival of Abaza language and literature

22/10/2019 01:00 KChR
Three wonderful days at the festival in the KChR: sketches of journalist Ekaterina Bebia

For the first time in Abkhazia - the big “Abaza” festival, which has been held in the KChR for many years. In the summer of 2019, an entire Abkhaz delegation visited it. We publish the sketches of these July days, written by our colleague, journalist Ekaterina Bebia.

15/10/2019 14:00 About the Congress
The results of Gitsba’s visit to Turkey: seven councils of the WAC local branches opened

WAC Executive Secretary Inar Gitsba summed up the results of his working visit to the Republic of Turkey.

07/10/2019 13:20
First in Istanbul: WAC local branch councils to be opened in Turkey

WAC will open the councils of the local branch of the Congress in the cities and districts of the Republic of Turkey.

05/10/2019 16:45 About the Congress
The cultural and sports festival “Abaza” will open for the first time in Abkhazia on October 16

For the first time, the World Abaza Congress will hold the “Abaza” cultural and sports festival in Abkhazia.

03/10/2019 16:10
Anuar Chkua from Jordan: Apsuara norms will preserve our people

October 3 is the birthday of a member of the Presidium of the WAC, our compatriot from Jordan, Anuar Chkua. During the visit of the delegation of the Congress to Jordan, the WAC web info portal communicated with this young and enthusiastic person.

22/09/2019 10:30
Abkhaz finds and international congresses of the archaeologist Ece Trapsh

An Abkhaz from Turkey, archaeologist Ece Trapsh, has been living in her historical homeland for 11 years. Today she excavates in her native village, finding valuable archaeological material there, and also helps Abkhaz scholars to speak at international congresses.

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