29 January 2020



26/12/2019 15:10 News
The artist of the year was chosen in Abkhazia: the award recipient is Sabina Kvarcheliya

The annual award “Best Artist of the Year” was held in Abkhazia.

17/12/2019 16:05 About the Congress
Regional office in Germany became the fourth branch of the WAC in Europe

The opening of the regional branch of the WAC in Germany concluded the December working visit of the Congress delegation to Western Europe, where representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora live.

14/12/2019 23:55 News
WAC regional office established in the Kingdom of Belgium

WAC opened a new regional office in Belgium as part of a working visit of the Congress delegation to Western Europe these days.

12/12/2019 21:30 News
WAC regional office opened in the Netherlands

The WAC opened a new regional office in the Netherlands as part of the working visit of the Congress delegation to the Netherlands, which takes place these days.

09/12/2019 11:50 About the Congress
WAC regional office opened in London

The WAC increased the number of regional branches by creating a new branch of the Congress in the UK.

22/11/2019 01:30
“Amazing, magnificent, fantastic!”: Abkhaz adjika conquered the British

Entrepreneurs from Abkhazia Astamur Kortava and Gunda Hewitt-Kortava, having moved to the UK, opened a family business there and produce Abkhaz adjika, which the English consumer has already appreciated.

17/11/2019 12:00
Atanur Akusba re-elected Chairman of Abkhazfed in Turkey

The 6th congress of the Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers was held in Turkey on the occasion of the election of the chairman and board members.

06/11/2019 10:40
Dreams of homeland: the story of Aziz Abaza from Jordan

The WAC web info portal continues to tell stories about representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza ethnic group living abroad. This story is about Aziz Abaza (Mkhtse) from Jordan.

03/11/2019 18:50 KChR
Tabulov readings completed the fourth festival of Abaza language and literature in the KChR

From October 27 to November 1, the fourth festival of the Abaza language and literature was held in the KChR, culminating in the traditional “Tabulov readings” conference.

30/10/2019 09:40 Events
A book about ethnomusical history of Diaspora in Turkey was presented in Sukhum

A book about the instrumental traditions of Abkhaz and Circassians from Turkey was presented in Sukhum.

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