1 February 2023


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08/08/2022 18:15 News 3868
The significance of the cultural and sports festival "Abaza" in the development of the Abaza ethnic group: the topic of the WAC round table

A round table of the World Abaza Congress, related to topical issues of unification of the Abkhaz-Abaza people and the importance of the annual cultural and sports festival "Abaza" was held.

19/07/2022 20:10 News 4794
Two local branches of the WAC and the Abkhazian Cultural Center opened in Turkey

New local branches of the WAC open in the Abkhazian village of Osmaniye and in the province of Tokat of the Republic of Turkey.

21/06/2022 14:03 Events 3970
The Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography released a collection "Caucasus: Crossroads of Cultures"

Materials of the seminar "Caucasus: Crossroads of Cultures" of the Department of Ethnography of the Caucasus of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) were published as a collection of the same name in St. Petersburg. 

16/06/2022 13:50 Syria 4338
Famous compatriots: Adnan Kabartay told about the Abkhazians of the Middle East

The book in Arabic "Quotes about the history of the Abkhazians in the Middle East" by the researcher and historian Adnan Kabartay (Khapov) tells about who the descendants of the Abkhazian compatriots became in the Middle East.

13/06/2022 15:40 Events 5312
Winner stage: "Abaza" graduate became a coach in St. Petersburg

A pupil of the freestyle wrestling club "Abaza" Denis Kvarandzia became a coach for children in St. Petersburg.

29/05/2022 16:50 In Abkhazia 5241
Abaza Theater and Folk Dance Ensemble of the KChR came on tour to Abkhazia

The Abaza Drama Theater and the "Mercury" Dance Ensemble performed at the Days of Culture of Karachay-Cherkessia in the Republic of Abkhazia in honor of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the KChR.

19/05/2022 23:05 News 4606
Commemorative event dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Anatoly Genko was held in St. Petersburg

An event dedicated to the memory of the famous Caucasian scholar Anatoly Genko was held at the Kunstkamera Museum in St. Petersburg.

16/11/2021 21:30 Turkey 7449
Murat Makharia elected as the new Chairman of AbkhazFed in Turkey

The VII Congress of the Federation of Abkhazian Cultural Centers was held in Turkey on the occasion of the election of the Chairman and board members.

03/11/2021 17:30 Events 7404
WAC and blogger Maryana Karmova recorded an audiobook in Abaza language

Maryana Karmova, the author of popular channels in social networks on the history of the Abaza people, with the help of the WAC, realized the idea of recording an audiobook in the Abaza language.

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