19 January 2022


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12/01/2022 18:20 News 742
 The WAC and the "World of Childhood" Foundation arranged a holiday for children from the Gagra district in Sukhum

The World Abaza Congress, the "World of Childhood" Charitable Foundation and the "Tourist" company invited children from large families of the Gagra district to the capital of Abkhazia for a New Year's holiday.

31/12/2021 18:30 News 1563
WAC installed a playground on Adygeyskaya Street in Sukhum on New Year's Eve

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the WAC completed the installation of a playground in one of the districts of the capital.

31/12/2021 12:40 News 1166
Mussa Ekzekov summed up the results of the Congress work for 2021

The World Abaza Congress summed up the results of its work over the year. The main plans for 2022 were announced: the WAC shares them with the readers of the information portal.

30/12/2021 00:50 Photo 1063
City squares and Christmas trees: warmed by thousands of lights

Despite a difficult year, in every town, the administrations tried to dress up the main squares for the New Year in order to create a festive and miraculous atmosphere for children and adults.

28/12/2021 11:30 News 1169
WAC provided food assistance to families from the Gagra district on New Year's Eve

Poor and large families of the Gagra district received food sets from the WAC for the New Year's table.

25/12/2021 23:50 News 1421
The WAC installed plaques with the names of poets in the Park of Writers in the village of Baslakhu

Representatives of the World Abaza Congress on December 24 installed in the village of Baslakhu 71 plaques with the names and quotes of famous and young writers of Abkhazia.

23/12/2021 16:00 News 1707
WAC held end-of-year meeting of the Supreme Council

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov held a final meeting in 2021 with members of the Supreme Council of the WAC.

06/12/2021 21:20 News 2516
Age crises of children were discussed at the WAC Parents' Club in Gagra

The WAC continued the cycle of meetings of the Parents' Club in Gagra. This time, within the framework of the meeting, its participants discussed age-related crises among children and talked about how to build interaction with a child.

04/12/2021 19:50 News 1894
Scholars Chirikba and Dzhapua told about the conference in memory of Anatoly Genko in the KChR

 Scholars Viacheslav Chirikba and Zurab Dzhapua told Abkhazian journalists about their participation in the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the outstanding historian Anatoly Genko.

19/11/2021 21:30 News 2027
Tree planting, eco-lecture and ballerina dance: WAC held an eco-day in Gagra

The World Abaza Congress, together with Colors of Nations, held an environmental campaign in Gagra.

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