12 December 2019


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09/12/2019 11:50 Diaspora
WAC regional office opened in London

The WAC increased the number of regional branches by creating a new branch of the Congress in the UK.

06/12/2019 17:10 Events
The tragic life story of Sariya Lakoba was told on the stage of RUSDRAM in Sukhum

An evening in memory of Sariya Lakoba was held at the Russian Drama Theater in Sukhum.

05/12/2019 17:30 Personalities
“I read Belyaev’s science-fiction enthusiastically, even became a surgeon”: doctor Zaudin Khunov turns 80

December 5 marks 80 anniversary of Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Zaudin Dagazovich Khunov. The WAC web information portal has prepared an essay on his professional path, life and multifaceted activities.

03/12/2019 18:50 News
WAC local council members installed new garbage bins in Gudauta

New street garbage cans installed by members of the local council of the WAC in Gudauta.

01/12/2019 12:00 News
The WAC Parents club began its work in Sukhum

The Parents club, opened as part of the WAC Discussion club, held its first meeting in the capital of Abkhazia.

28/11/2019 13:00 Personalities
Valery Bagatelia: the broken music of life

This year, the musician, author of publicly favorite songs, Hero of Abkhazia Valery Bagatelia would have turned 60 years old.

26/11/2019 09:30 About the Congress
Mussa Ekzekov congratulated the people of Abkhazia on the Constitution Day

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, congratulated the Abkhaz people on the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia.

22/11/2019 01:30 Diaspora
“Amazing, magnificent, fantastic!”: Abkhaz adjika conquered the British

Entrepreneurs from Abkhazia Astamur Kortava and Gunda Hewitt-Kortava, having moved to the UK, opened a family business there and produce Abkhaz adjika, which the English consumer has already appreciated.

19/11/2019 16:40 Personalities
Nelly Tarba: first Abkhaz poetess and happy woman

November 20 would mark the 85th anniversary of the first Abkhaz poetess Nelly Tarba.

17/11/2019 12:00 Diaspora
Atanur Akusba re-elected Chairman of Abkhazfed in Turkey

The 6th congress of the Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers was held in Turkey on the occasion of the election of the chairman and board members.

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