10 April 2020


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09/04/2020 19:30 In Abkhazia
No new cases of COVID-19 in Abkhazia detected

Over the past day in the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, no new infected with coronavirus were detected.

08/04/2020 21:00 In Abkhazia
Another case of coronavirus detected in Abkhazia

Two cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in Abkhazia.  Both sick are residents of Gagra.

07/04/2020 19:30 In Abkhazia
First case of coronavirus COVID-19 detected in Abkhazia

Resident of Gagra became the first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 in Abkhazia.

06/04/2020 22:55 In Abkhazia
At a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for COVID-19, the results of the week of the state of emergency were discussed

Abkhazia continues to take measures to prevent the spread of coronovirus infection.

05/04/2020 23:25 Diaspora
Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora helps Abkhazia prevent COVID-19 pandemic

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora assists Abkhazia in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

05/04/2020 22:30 In Abkhazia
The Operational Headquarters (OH) voiced indication for hospitalization with suspected COVID-19

A member of the Operational Headquarters to fight coronavirus infection at the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, an oncologist Batal Katsiya addressed the population of the Republic.

05/04/2020 00:45 In Abkhazia
Ministry of Finance of Abkhazia will pay salaries and social benefits despite the declared state of emergency

The Operational Headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus released a video message from the head of the Ministry of Finance of Abkhazia, reporting that salaries and social benefits to citizens in the conditions of a pandemic and a state of emergency will be paid without delay.

05/04/2020 00:40 In Abkhazia
Alkhas Kondzharia: for today, COVID-19 has not been identified in Abkhazia, but the state of emergency is necessary

In the daily address of the Headquarters, the Deputy Minister of Health of Abkhazia called the state of emergency and its observance by citizens necessary despite the fact that the coronovirus in Abkhazia on April 4 was not detected.

04/04/2020 09:50 News
WAC is actively involved in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Abkhazia

The World Abaza Congress sent its forces to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.

16/03/2020 14:05 News
Plant protection from pests was discussed at the WAC Discussion club

In continuation of the environmental session of the WAC Discussion club, club members and experts discussed plant protection and pest control in the Republic.

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