23 September 2020


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18/09/2020 10:30 Video
All the colors of the world: video history of the Pyv pass valley

Abkhaz videographer, founder of the "ALAN studio" Valery Kvekveskiri continued to shoot the mountains of Abkhazia and prepared a video about the Pyv pass.

08/09/2020 11:25 Video
"Valors of Abraskil"

The creator of the cartoon is the famous opera singer and artist Astamur Kvitsinia, the author of popular comics on Abkhazian mythology. The cartoonist took a plot from Abkhazian mythology as a basis.

07/09/2020 09:30 In Abkhazia Video
Closer to the sky: Bamba Iashta from a bird's eye view

Abkhazian videographer, founder of the studio «ALAN studio»" Valery Kvekveskiri prepared a video sketch of the mountain ranges of Bamba Iashta.

06/08/2020 11:45 Video
Slow waters and inaccessible rocks of the Khashupsa canyon

The WAC information portal prepared a short video of one of the most beautiful canyons in Abkhazia - the Khashupsa canyon.

24/07/2020 17:15 Photo
National dances, songs and folk procession: Flag Day was celebrated in Abkhazia

On July 23, Abkhazia celebrated the National Flag Day, which is widely celebrated annually by the Abkhaz-Abaza people around the world.

05/07/2020 00:20 Video
Another meeting of the members of the Supreme Council of the Congress was held online

Members of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress discussed the work of the WAC during the pandemic.

17/06/2020 01:20 Video
Bright, fun and summer style hot: WAC organized a children's party in Pakuash

The World Abaza Congress organized and held a holiday for children from the villages of Pakuash, Reka, Baslakhu, Akuaskia and Gup.

02/06/2020 23:10 Video
True emotions: WAC organized and held a children's party in Atara

The World Abaza Congress on Children's Day held a children's holiday in the village of Atara on June 1.

24/05/2020 20:55 Video
Remembrance Day for the victims of the Caucasian War 21/05/2020

WAC organized commemorative events in Sukhum on the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Caucasian War.

22/05/2020 19:50 Video
Commemorative candle Aschamaka and Nart bonfire: how the WAC honored the memory of the victims of the Caucasian war

WAC organized commemorative events in Sukhum on the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Caucasian War.

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