28 September 2023


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19/09/2023 10:45 Video 454
"Letter": a letter addressed to Lyudmila Tseretel

This letter is addressed to Lyudmila Tseretel.

15/09/2023 16:00 Video 483
"Letter": Rauf Dasania's letter to his family

Rauf Dasania's letter was written a few days before his death in the offensive operation to liberate Sukhum.

13/09/2023 14:00 Video 636
"Letter": a letter from Elizaveta Chkadua-Lakashia addressed to her family

Elizaveta Chkadua-Lakashia's letter is addressed to her daughters Nana and Manana Lakashia.

11/09/2023 13:25 Video 472
"Letter": Nugzar Kharchlaa's letter to his family

Nugzar Kharchlaa's letter addressed to his sons, father and mother.

07/09/2023 13:30 Video 526
"Letter": a letter written by Saida Morokhia to her relatives.

A letter from a 17-year-old resident of the besieged Tkuarchal, Saida, addressed to her uncle's family.

04/09/2023 14:05 Video 495
"Letter": a letter from Ada Trapsh addressed to relatives.

Ada Trapsh's letter was written to her cousin Ashsou and cousin Elana, who lived at that time in the village of Pakuashch. Relatives separated by the war were connected only by military letters.

02/09/2023 12:25 Video 545
"Letter": a letter from Arkady Kvitsinia addressed to his family

Akrady Kvitsinia’s letter addressed to his son Astamur and daughter Ilona.

31/08/2023 14:10 Video 785
"Letter": a letter from Raul Ashuba to his family.

23-year-old author of the letter, Raul, was killed in the March offensive.

30/08/2023 13:25 Video 975
Video cycle "Walking the paths of the Apsuara": interview with the teacher Lyudmila Khibba

Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with Lyudmila Khibba, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Abkhazian Literature of the Abkhazian State University. The recording was made in the AGTRK studio in 2009.

29/08/2023 17:25 Video 1158
"Letter": Guli Kichba's letter addressed to journalist Ekaterina Bebia.

Guli Kichba's letter was written after the death of her son Arzamet Tarba.

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