16 February 2020


We unite Abkhaz and Abaza around the world


15/02/2020 15:50
The chief ecologist of Abkhazia took part in the work of the WAC Discussion club

Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology and Nature Protection of the Republic of Abkhazia Savely Chitanava became a guest of the WAC Discussion club as part of the club’s environmental section.

09/02/2020 12:55
“Educate the leader”: the Parents’ club of the WAC held a discussion on how to do it competently

The Parents’ club at the WAC Discussion club continued a series of meetings with experts in the field of parenting. The guest of the meeting on February 8 was the coach Astanda Sadzba, and the topic was the education of leaders.

31/01/2020 23:15
We met and got involved in the work: a debate on ecology began at the WAC club

The WAC Discussion club held its first working meeting on January 30, defining environmental protection as the topic for the next three months.

27/01/2020 10:00
Ekzekov: “The Abaza Renaissance” is one of the largest studies of the history of the people of the Abaza

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, became a co-author of a historical study on the Abaza people “Abaza Renaissance”.

26/01/2020 13:50
WAC Parents’ club met with psychologists Richard and Oksana Conner

The WAC Parents’ club met with renowned family psychologists, spouses Richard and Oksana Conner.

14/01/2020 16:25
Ekzekov: only united society can ensure the development and prosperity of Abkhazia

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress, called on the people of Abkhazia and all the political forces of the country to unite in the name of the future of the Republic.

07/01/2020 11:30
“Sun Rays”: a book about successful representatives of the Abaza people from Turkey

A journalist from Abkhazia, Saida Zhiba, collected in one book stories about successful representatives of the Abaza people living in the Republic of Turkey.

06/01/2020 15:25
Amina Lazba on the work of the WAC information portal: we are even read in Brazil

The head and editor-in-chief of the WAC Web Information portal, Amina Lazba, informed about the work of the Portal over the past year.

04/01/2020 11:15
Kan Taniya told about the work of the WAC Office and reported on income and expenses

In 2019, a new structure was created at the WAC - the WAC Office, which was headed by Kan Taniya. Summing up the results of the year, he talked about the work done, and also reported on the financial activities of the Congress.

02/01/2020 14:20
Inar Gitsba on the work of the WAC: the international agenda in 2020 will continue and strengthen

WAC summed up the organization’s work for 2019 in various areas. The Executive Secretary of the Congress, Inar Gitsba, informed about international activities, Women's and Youth Councils and the results of the work of the Councils of local offices.

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