Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov received the first dan in the combat discipline Aikibujutsu Gendaikan.

This is an applied art, most effective in a situation of spontaneous combat. However, it is primarily intended for self-defense, not attack. The technique includes various types of strikes, throws and grabs. The first dan is the starting master's degree, which can be obtained only after years of long training and honing the technique. The decision to assign a dan is made by a commission of high-level masters based on the results of the exam.

According to Mussa Ekzekov, it was not easy to pass the tests, including because of the stuffiness - that day there was 100% humidity. However, overcoming any difficulties is just one of the ideas of martial art. After passing the standards, Mussa Khabalevich advised everyone who wants to forget about their age to go to the gym and practice Aikibujutsu.

"This type of martial art allows to develop very harmoniously: all muscles, joints are trained, stretching improves, the vestibular apparatus is strengthened. Physical exercise is a resource that gives energy for the whole day. Aikibujutsu elements such as falls and somersaults may not seem very suitable for older people ... No such thing! Aikibujutsu is a martial art that can be practiced from a very early age, literally from the age of two or three, and at the same time continue to improve up to a hundred years and beyond. It is important to develop not only spiritually, but also physically at any age," Ekzekov noted.

He said that he used to do academic aikido - 5-6 years every day twice a day. Then for some time he practiced combat sambo with a professional coach Sergey Nikitin, and 4 years ago he met a sixth dan master, a Shihan Alexander Ulyanov. Then he realized that Aikibujutsu is exactly what he needs.

Mussa Ekzekov's mentor highly appreciated the level of his pupil.

"I was very worried before the exam, especially since it was very stuffy, and physical activity in such conditions is not at all easy to endure. The commission was strict. In addition to various tasks, they also asked theoretical questions that were unexpected even for me. Mussa Khabalevich coped with all these tasks brilliantly, so that the young masters could only envy such a level of performance of technical actions and  how easily Mussa Khabalevich performed all this. During the exam, I was overwhelmed with pride for my pupil. It means a lot to to get to the master's degree in such a short time! All this is the result of the addition of the following factors: a basic excellent physical shape due to the fact that Mussa Khabalevich has been involved in sports all his life, plus a very serious and responsible approach to training, during which Mussa Khabalevich does not spare himself!", the master shared.

The admissions committee included the head of Aikibujutsu Gendaikan (Modern School of Aikido) Alexander Ulyanov (Renshi Aikijujutsu, Shihan Aikijujutsu, 6 Dan Aikijujutsu, 6 Dan Real Aikido, 4 Dan Jeet Kune-Do, 3 Dan Aikido Aikikai, 2 Dan Spochan), Dmitry Boytsov (1 Dan Aikibujitsu, 1 Dan Real Aikido), Yuri Kulikov (4 Dan Aikibujitsu, 3 Dan Real Aikido, 1 Dan Spochan), Andrey Kruglov (2 Dan Aikibujitsu, 1 Dan Real Aikido), Eldar Sergeyev (3 Dan Aikibujitsu, 1 Dan Real Aikido).

Assisted by: Sofia Ulyanova (4 Dan Aikibujitsu, 3 Dan Real Aikido, 1 Dan Spochan) and Egor Morozov (1 Dan Aikibujitsu).

The team of the World Abaza Congress congratulates Mussa Khabalevich on worthy withstand of all tests and the assignment of the first master’s degree! We wish you good health, further victories in professional and sports activities!