Applicant for the Adyg State University Maryana Karmova defended her dissertation on  “Abaza language in multilingual conditions: sociolinguistic and linguocultural aspects.”

Esma Golandzia

The defense of the dissertation for the scientific degree of candidate of philological sciences Maryana Karmova took place at the Adygea State University. 
Members of the dissertation council unanimously supported the scientific research on the problems of the Abaza language - one of the oldest and most complex in the world. This is the first defense of a dissertation within the framework of the program for the development and preservation of the Abkhaz-Abaza language, approved by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC and the President of the ANO "Alashara" Mussa Ekzekov.
Maryana Karmova told about her scientific path and work on the study.

“Working as a senior lecturer at the Department of English and Professional Communication at the Financial University, in 2017 I entered the graduate school at the Moscow City Pedagogical University. I immediately decided for myself that the topic would be related to the Abaza language. While actively promoting my public page “Abaza history” on social networks, I realized that while materials on the history of the Abaza can still be found, there is very little information on the Abaza language. In 2020, I completed the graduate school with a teacher-researcher diploma and continued working on my dissertation. Two years later I became an applicant at the Adyg State University.” 

In her research, Maryana Karmova notes the importance of preserving the Abaza language in modern conditions of multilingualism. She brings a set of measures that can help in this area - the creation of educational materials, the organization of language courses, the holding of cultural events, intercultural exchanges and programs that stimulate interaction between different ethnic groups, the use of online resources that can improve the accessibility and spread of the Abaza language.

“My supervisor was Zaineta Ruslanovna Khachmafova, Doctor of Philology, professor, professional in her field and simply a wonderful and understanding leader. The opponent was Maryat Gubedovna Kharatokova, Doctor of Philology, Professor. Her works are a great contribution to the development of the academic component of the Abaza language. The study received a lot of feedback, all were positive. During the defense, members of the dissertation council noted that the topic of preserving the Abaza language is more relevant than ever.”

The thesis was written within the framework of the program for the development and preservation of the Abkhaz-Abaza language. The activities approved by Mussa Ekzekov cover the period from 2020 to 2026 and provide for the training and retraining of teaching and scientific staff, the publication of various literature, the study of the Abaza and Abkhaz languages ​​and other work.

“Writing a scientific theoretical study contributed to the development of practical activities. I am the author of the projects “Online courses for learning the Abaza language” and “Virtual school of the Abaza language Abaza Azhva”. Projects such as “Audiobook “Nashv Nap|yk|” by B. Thaitsukhova, recording of Abaza folk melodies and songs have also been implemented. Mussa Khabalevich Ekzekov provided support to all the above-mentioned projects, for which I express my profound gratitude to him. Special words of gratitude to Kan Taniia, Zarema Khabekirova. Thank you to my family for your constant support. I would like to dedicate my work to my father Shenkao Rizon Rashidovich and my brother Shenkao Ramazan Rizonovich, who, unfortunately, are no longer alive, but these are the people who relentlessly believed in my success!”

The action plan for the preservation and development of the Abaza language, literature and history can be found on the official website of the ANO «Алашара»: