The Congress team met with a delegation from the KBR headed by the Chairman of the Regional Branch Vladimir Pshenokov.

A delegation from the KBR, headed by the Chairman of the Regional Branch of the WAC, a member of the Supreme Council Vladimir Pshenokov, visited the office of the Congress on September 28. The guests from the KBR also included the Chairman of the Kabardino-Balkarian public organization "Veterans of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia in 1992-1993" Timur Shardanov, representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora Aslan Chegemov and Alikhan Khutov. The meeting was also attended by the Executive Secretary of the WAC Inar Gitsba, the head of the Department for Work with Local Branches Dmitry Zhiba and staff of the Department for Work with Local Branches Damir Gorzoliya and Kherson Simonia.

Welcoming the delegation from the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, WAC Secretary Inar Gitsba congratulated the people of Abkhazia on the 29th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War. He noted the special role of the volunteer movement during the years of the PWPA and thanked war veterans from Kabardino-Balkaria for their invaluable contribution to the freedom and independence of the Republic of Abkhazia. Gitsba further shared the interim results of the work of the Congress and spoke about the preparations for the 30th anniversary Congress of the WAC.

"Today we can talk about almost 60 local representative offices of the Congress throughout Abkhazia. Within the framework of these representations, we are trying to implement projects in the main areas: the preservation and development of ethno-cultural values, the preservation and promotion of the Abkhaz language, etc. Active work is carried out in the field of social support of the population. We are also preparing for the anniversary session of the Congress, on the eve of which we are witnessing the intensification of representatives of the Diaspora around the world. Recently, more than 250 applications for the WAC membership have been received from Turkey," Gitsba said.

In addition, he told about future projects, the implementation of which is designed to increase awareness of the activities of the Congress.

"The WAC information portal is the only information resource in Abkhazia that contains materials in six languages. In the future, we are planning to create a special block on the basis of the portal for the exchange of information directly between users, so that people can freely exchange information in a language that is convenient for them," Inar Gitsba shared.

The head of the delegation from the KBR, the Chairman of the Regional Branch of the WAC, Vladimir Pshenokov, thanked the Congress for the warm welcome and wished the team the implementation of all the planned projects, and expressed hope for the implementation of joint initiatives.

"Today's meeting was very warm. With someone from the Sukhum office of the Congress, we met for the first time, and with others we are already good friends, it was nice to see you. We have many plans and projects for the future. The activists of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora from Kabardino-Balkaria are very enthusiastic. I think we will only gain momentum. We have the desire and energy to do something good, first of all, for Abkhazia, for the Diaspora," Pshenokov said.

The Chairman of the organization "Veterans of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia in 1992-1993" Timur Shardanov, in turn, emphasized the need for constant active communication and cooperation between the regional branches of the Congress in order to achieve even greater efficiency in the work of the WAC. 

"We need to meet and communicate. It is much easier to solve common problems together," said Shardanov.

During the meeting, a wide range of issues was considered; the parties exchanged experience in solving non-standard tasks based on regional and local representative offices, discussed current projects and identified key areas for joint work, such as the creation of trade representative offices and other formats of economic interaction.