Abkhaz videographer, founder of the "ALAN studio" Valery Kvekveskiri continued to shoot the mountains of Abkhazia and prepared a video about the Pyv pass.

The Pyv pass is the place where many hiking routes start in the alpine meadows of Abkhazia. It is located at an altitude of 2 kilometers above sea level. It offers an amazingly beautiful panorama of the Main Caucasian ridge and the valley of the village of Pskhu.

The Pyv pass is a favorite place for locals and tourists. You can get here by off-road vehicle both independently and as part of one of the excursions. The pass, literally, has absorbed all the colors of the world.

Valery Kvekveskiri said that he had long cherished the idea of ​​photographing the Abkhazian mountains.

"This is incredible beauty. I always wanted to capture all this so that our mountains could be seen even hundreds of thousands of kilometers from Abkhazia.  Well, and, of course, as a videographer, I needed a new experience for my personal development," he said.

The founder of "ALAN studio" is already in search of new mountain beauties of Abkhazia. He promises that very soon the world will see his new video.