“Spring Exhibition” of Abkhaz artists began its work in the Central Exhibition Hall of Sukhum.

Said Bargandzhia

The annual “Spring Exhibition” opened in the Central Exhibition Hall in Sukhum on Monday, March 25. The exhibition, organized by the Union of Artists of the Republic of Abkhazia, brought together about 60 works by 27 authors: young Abkhaz artists and already recognized masters.

Opening the exhibition, the chairman of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Abkhazia, Vitaly Dzheniya, called it an amazing platform combining several genres: paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. He noted that the main feature of the “Spring Exhibition” is that it presents the work of both novice and experienced artists. This allows both those and others to share their creativity.

Addressing young authors, Dzheniya on behalf of the Union of Artists wished them professional success.

“We are pleased that a new generation of artists is growing, we are counting on you very much,” he said.

For the artists themselves, the “Spring Exhibition” is one of the main reasons to show their works.

At the same time, the site allows the masters to get acquainted with each other's work, to learn about new authors, says artist Diana Khintba. The exhibition presents three of her paintings made in watercolor.

“I have been exhibiting my works at the “Spring Exhibition” for the second year already, I am very glad that there is such an opportunity. There is a very nice room, great light. There are works by artists made in various modern techniques,” shared Khintba.

Maria Delba, a student at the Sukhum Art School, believes that for young artists, participating in the Spring Exhibition is a valuable experience: assessments by viewers and experts help to align the direction for further development.

“I presented three of my works on artistic ceramics and two paintings. It is very valuable for me as a budding artist, that my works are exhibited along with the works of already famous masters. It is very important that you are appreciated, and if you are praised as an author, it gives you confidence that you are moving in the right direction,” said Delba.

The annual “Spring Exhibition” will last until April 5. Free admission.