All sorts of ways of tying the Abkhaz bashlyk were demonstrated at a specialized exhibition in Sukhum.

Works of Abkhaz sculptors were taken as models for showing headdresses. These are sculptures of historical characters, famous actors and singers. The project was implemented in partnership with the first Abkhaz cellular company "Aquafon".

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One of the authors of the project, photographer Ibrahim Chkadua, showed the guests 10 ways of tying the bashlyk. He explained that the chosen method always depended on the occasion and the event on which it was necessary to look accordingly.

Elena Labakhua, co-author of the exhibition, founder of the "Unification bridge" foundation, has been studying the history of the Abkhaz national costume for more than 20 years. Communicating with journalists, she noted that the bashlyk is one of the main elements of the national costume.

Another author of the project, the Abkhaz artist Batal Dzhopua, said that, putting on bashlyks, men were guided by the circumstances and at the same time declared their taste and originality.