Chairman of the WAC Supreme Council Mussa Ekzekov and delegates of the VIII Convention of the WAC got acquainted with the exhibits of the "Apsny" ethnopark, opened in Abkhazia in 2021.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov, together with other guests of Abkhazia - representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora from Karachay-Cherkessia and the Stavropol Region - visited the "Apsny" ethnopark, located in the village of Mgudzirkhua, Gudauta district.

"Apsny" ethnopark was opened in 2021. It is a large-scale complex, on the territory of which there is an ethnographic museum and national Abkhazian buildings - akuaskya (traditional Abkhazian house - ed.), apatskha (traditional Abkhazian kitchen - ed.) and  amhara (temporary housing for newlyweds - ed.). For visitors there are sections on traditional Abkhazian occupations and crafts - archery, blacksmithing and pottery. Anyone can gain experience and test their strength in all this.
In the ethnopark, the guests were met by the executive director Rash Tsvizhba and the head of the museum at the park Ilona Kvitsinia. Kvitsinia conducted an informative tour for Mussa Ekzekov and the delegates and told about the plans for the development of the park.

"In the future, we plan to build a theater in the park. We have consulted with architects and ecologists who are ready to help bring this idea to life without harming the nature," said the head of the museum.

Irina Khutova, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Women's Councils of Abaza villages, shared her impressions of visiting the "Apsny" ethnopark and noted that the creation of such complexes helps to preserve the traditional culture of the people.

"Today's tour was very interesting and eventful. We really enjoyed it. The complex is large, there are a lot of exhibits, and all of them are very skillfully made," Khutova said.

Mussa Ekzekov highly appreciated the work done by the creators of the ethnopark, as well as authentic artifacts of the life of the Abaza people from the permanent exhibition of the museum at the park: costumes recreated in traditional sewing and weaving techniques, horse ammunition, as well as unique tools for finishing leather and wood.

"You recreate history, but not without creativity. There is just not enough time to evaluate everything that is presented here. I am delighted," Ekzekov praised.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC presented the "Apkhyartsa" painting by the Abkhazian artist Batal Dzhapua as a gift to the "Apsny" ethnopark. It depicts a warrior with a stringed bowed musical instrument of the same name, which is the Apkhyartsa. The executive director of the park, Rash Tsvizhba, in turn, presented Mussa Ekzekov with an Abkhazian traditional handmade knife.

The trip of the Chairman of the WAC Supreme Council and representatives of the Congress to the ethnopark took place as part of the events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Congress and the VIII Convention of the WAC, which was held on December 7–8 in Sukhum. The program of the stay of the participants of the Congress in Abkhazia will last until December 11th. Every day it has formal and informal events. In particular, earlier on the same day on December 9, the Chairman of the WAC Supreme Council and delegates of the Congress laid flowers at the memorial of the First President of the Republic of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba in Eshera.

Information partners of the VIII Convention of the World Abaza Congress: Abkhazian State Television and Radio Company (AGTRK), Abaza-TV channel, Sputnik Abkhazia news agency.