A lesson on teaching the Abkhazian national games and a master class on correct posture were organized and conducted by representatives of the WAC for schoolchildren in the village of Otkhara, Gudauta district.

On the eve of Children's Day in the village of Otkhara, Gudauta district, the WAC organized a lesson for schoolchildren with Abkhazian national games and teaching exercises for correct posture.

A fitness trainer, CCM, powerlifting champion of Abkhazia Mamsyr Trapsh, conducted a master class for 5-11 grade students of the Otkhara Secondary School on the basic exercises to maintain the correct posture.

"A healthy back is our health!" the athlete emphasized, showing a number of exercises to prevent the strengthening of the back muscles.

"These are the simplest exercises that are sufficient to prevent any diseases and prevent back problems - "bar", raising arms and legs on all fours and a "boat". Elementary aerobic exercises that are performed without weights, we use only our body, without additional weights. No sports equipment is required, except for a rug," the coach explained.

The students were active and volunteered to repeat the exercises. Especially fifth-graders - Damir Kardia, Ramin Aristava and Daniela Aristava. They, not embarrassed by other children, performed the necessary movements under the guidance of the coach.

Anita Sichinava, an 11th grade student, although she did not go out on the mat, acknowledged that she learned useful information from the master class.

"It was an educational master class. I used to do the "bar" myself, but it turns out that you need to raise your lower back. I did it wrong. Now I will know how to do it correctly," the girl shared.

At the end of the master class, Mamsyr Trapsh advised everyone to do physical education and exercise in the morning.

A lesson on teaching schoolchildren different types of Abkhazian national games was conducted by Valery Berzenia, coordinator of local branches and youth activity of the WAC.

He brought with him material on the history and rules of 15 games, but in practice he managed to explain only some of them, and handed over information about the rest to the physical training teacher.

"The material can serve as a teaching aid on the types of Abkhazian national games. WAC friend Alisa Pachalia helped to collect the data, for which we are grateful to her. Teachers will introduce games in physical education classes to start preparing the Otkhara village team for the competition. Our dream is for the national games to develop so much that team competitions would be one of the types of programs at annual events, for example, at the races in Lykhnashta and Mykuashta," Berzenia shared.  

He admitted "secretly" that the WAC is currently developing a project for competitions between teams of different villages in Abkhazian national types of games.

Teachers of primary grades, who intend to start real games, also attended the classes at the Otkhara School.

One of the games, the rules of which were explained by Valery Berzenia, was the game "Ashapykusra". Children played it divided into teams.

The point of the game is that one of the players, by lot, lies on the ground face up on the start line, eyes closed. Players of the opposing team line up three steps from the prone leg. One of the players touches the one who is lying, after which everyone runs to the end line. Feeling the touch of the "enemy", the lying one jumps up and chases the fleeing people in order to catch someone - "tag". In case of failure, he again falls to the ground at the start, and everything repeats. If at least one player of the team is caught, the teams change roles.    

In this game, the 10th grade team "Otkhara" with its leader Osman Gochua was the best, and the 11th grade team "Nartaa" explained their loss by the absence of a strong player.

"It's a pity that Daut is not here, he would have bypassed everyone," the female fans lamented.

As the teachers said, the "Merry Starts" should be held at the Otkhara School the other day, and the WAC classes were timely, since now it is possible to introduce national games competitions into the program.