Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora celebrated the 25th anniversary of Victory and Independence with the festival of Abkhaz culture “Apsny”.

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora (MAD) for the first time held the festival of Abkhaz culture «Apsny». In this format, on the anniversary of Victory and Independence on September 30, a traditional meeting of representatives of the Diaspora took place.

The festival was held in the very center of Moscow, in the park «Krasnaya Presnya». An improvised Abkhaz wedding, the atmosphere of «Brekhalovka», master classes on cooking national cuisine and much more were added to the national songs and dances at the holiday.

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According to the head of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora, Beslan Argba, the Diaspora activists discussed various formats for celebrating the anniversary of the Victory, and chose the festival.

«This is the first full-fledged festival of Abkhazia in Moscow - free and open. We gathered almost ten thousand guests, which, in my opinion, is an undoubted success. Yes, it was obvious even without numbers - according to smiling faces, grateful responses during the holiday and after, in social networks,» said Argba.

The ideological message of the event is very simple, he added, namely, «to please» guests. The head of the MAD explained his thought: «It’s like with a human being. What does he do to please? He sings, dances, tells interesting stories, treats, speaks beautiful toasts, shares interesting observations about life, nature, shows films - all this was at our festival! We wanted to please, wanted to please old friends and make new ones.»