A collection of folk dance Abkhazian music was presented in Sukhum. The author is the People's Artist of Abkhazia, musician and composer Otar Khuntsaria.

In addition to musical notations of Abkhazian folk melodies, the collection also includes his own works. The book was presented as part of the XXV Republican competition of children's and youth choreographic groups of Abkhazia "Аӡыхь".

The event was held at the Rozhden Gumba State Philharmonic. All choreographers and musicians who participated in the competition received a book as a gift.

"Attempts to publish the collection began in 1994. At that time we managed to find the only remaining handwritten copy of the collection," Nuri Kvarchia, head of the Center for Folk Art of the Republic of Abkhazia, a member of the Supreme Council of the WAC, told the audience.

He found the manuscript in the belongings of his late son Inal, the soloist of the ballet of the choreographic ensemble "Caucasus". He got the collection from the author himself.

"After many years of trying, we finally managed to find a sponsor who undertook to publish this collection for mass use. This is the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov. It is an invaluable gift to all our people," Kvarchia said.

He took up the preparation of the manuscript for printing together with the team of ANO "Alashara". The collection was published as part of the "Alashara" joint project with the WAC to preserve the intangible heritage of the Abkhaz-Abaza people "Amazara", initiated by Mussa Ekzekov.

The book was published by the specialized St. Petersburg publishing house "Kompositor". The circulation was 350 copies.

"This is not the first work of the "Alashara" team in preparing a collection of dance notes for publishing," said Murat Mukov, head of a separate subdivision of ANO "Alashara" in the KChR, at the presentation.

In 2015, a collection of Abaza folk melodies "My soul is warmed by music" was published, prepared by composer Galina Gozheva with the assistance of "Alashara".

"Understanding the importance of such work for the preservation of the Abkhazian folk musical culture, we included the publication of the book in our program. Taking up the publication of the work of Otar Khuntsaria, the "Alashara" team, together with Nuri Eremeevich, carried out the necessary preparatory work and submitted the book for printing," Mukov shared.

The head of the Sukhum office of the WAC, Temur Rekvava, on behalf of the entire staff of the Congress, thanked Nuri Kvarchia and all those involved for their assistance in preserving the intangible heritage of the Abkhaz-Abaza people.

"The collection of dance notes has been awaited for a long time: the book is indispensable in the Houses of Culture, in choreographic groups and music schools. What’s more, fixing folk melodies on paper will ensure the preservation of these works for centuries," Rekvava noted.

"Amazara" is a joint project of the World Abaza Congress and the International Association "Alashara", aimed at preserving the intangible cultural heritage of the Abaza people. The author of the project idea is Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC.