The Department of the World Abaza Congress on Youth Development and Physical Culture summed up the results of the music project organized jointly with the musician and composer Abzagu Marykhuba.

Shazina Bganba

The meeting of the participants and organizers of the music project took place in the Sukhum office of the WAC. It was attended by the director of the I.E. Kortua Republican Center for Folk Art Nuri Kvarchia, Abkhazian singer Frida Berzeniia, composer Temur Agrba, musician Alkhas Markoliia, participants of the Gudauta children's vocal studio “Voice” and students from schools in the Gal region.

The project started in February of this year. Its participants included young talents and Abkhazian pop artists: the winner of the International Children's Vocal Competition on NTV channel "You are Super" Valeria Adleyba, singer Madina Kvaratskheliia, soloist of the duet "Sisters Berzenia", pop-jazz vocal performer Frida Berzeniia, singer Artem Kacharava and a participant of the "Apsny-Star" music show Iraklii Dzhumutiia.

The project took place in the format of master classes in the towns of Gudauta, Gal, Gagra and Ochamchira. The organizers managed to arouse great interest among young talents and the pilot version of the project was able to justify its purpose by the results of joint work. Project coordinator from the Congress Valery Berzeniia noted that these are the first steps in the beginning of the musical path of new talents.

“This is just a trial version of the planned project. It involved more than 100 participants from four regions of Abkhazia. It was important for us to understand how useful it would be and whether it could identify new names in the Abkhazian music industry. The answer is obvious in the burning eyes of young talents. Of course, with our joint efforts, the full project will be implemented next year,” Berzeniia said.

At the meeting, three videos made with the participation of students from the Gudauta vocal studio “Voice” were presented.

A video made by schoolchildren in the Gal region is also being prepared. The sound engineer of the videos is Abzagu Marykhuba, the cameraman is Sergey Kadzhaya. The meeting participants shared their impressions of the joint work and expressed hope for the continued development of the project.

“Of course, everything related to the development of children and their realization should be fully supported. It is very important to form a systematic approach in this project. Then every child will have better opportunities to be heard,” said member of the Supreme Council of the WAC Nuri Kvarchiia. 

“In the person of Mussa Ekzekov and the entire team, I would like to thank everyone who works for the development of our talented youth,” he added.

The musical project of the World Abaza Congress together with Abzagu Marykhuba will continue its work in 2024.