The WAC information portal prepared a short video of one of the most beautiful canyons in Abkhazia - the Khashupsa canyon.

The Khashupsa canyon, washed in limestone rocks of the Khashupsa River, sheltered from the human eye about one kilometer long, is located in the Gagra region of Abkhazia near the village of Khashupsa.

At a distance of six to seven kilometers from the village of Tsandripsh, Gagra region, there is a confluence point of two mountain rivers: Zheopse and Sandripsha, upstream of which there are also small canyons. From the place of their junction, the Khashupsa River begins in a southern direction.  Khashupsa canyon is the first kilometer of its channel. Then it flows along a smoother section, and already bypassing the suspension bridge, it turns into an ordinary water vein with a bottom covered with pebbles.

This is an amazing place, the beauty of which is striking in its naturalness. This canyon is also called “royal”.  The height of its walls is more than 100 meters, and the width in its gorges sometimes does not exceed 3 meters from which little light gets into the canyon and all its walls are covered with moss.

Khashupsa canyon is one of the few canyons in Abkhazia that is easily accessible. The canyon is very popular with both tourists and locals. A trip through the canyon can be mastered even by an unprepared person. Khashupsa canyon is usually visited in summer, as the water in the river is very cold, in winter it is impossible to walk along the river without a special wetsuit.