The WAC information portal presents a photo blog from the press screening of the "Sariya" play at the Abkhazian Drama Theater named after Samson Chanba.

For the first time, a performance about a legendary woman in Abkhazia, the wife of Nestor Lakoba, a statesman of the Soviet era, appeared on the stage. The production of "Sariya" in the Abkhazian Drama Theater was embodied by the director Madina Argun.

Sariya Lakoba is known, first of all, for her fortitude in the NKVD prison (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs - the central body of the state administration of the USSR for ensuring state security - ed.), where she was forced to discredit her husband, who was declared an "enemy of the people."  The arrests of Nestor Lakoba's relatives began after his murder, Sariya Lakoba was arrested on August 17, 1937. According to eyewitnesses, Sariya courageously endured all the torture and abuse for two years and died at the age of 35 in a prison hospital in Georgia. Her burial place is unknown.