The film by the director from Abkhazia Inar Narmania, based on the works of Mikhail Lakrba, won in the nomination "Best Short Feature Film Director" at the International Film Festival in Arkhangelsk.

Said Bargandzhia

The short film by Abkhaz director Inar Narmania "My name is Makhaz" won the nomination "Best Short Feature Film Director" at the international Arctic open festival in Arkhangelsk. Commenting the victory of his film for the WAC web information portal, the director called it "pleasant, but at the same time responsible."

The film "My name is Makhaz" is a nostalgic comedy from Soviet times, based on the story of Mikhail Lakrba, among other short novels. The filming of the film almanac "7 novels" began in August 2017 and ended in January 2018.

"It was important for us to make everyone nostalgic for some time. Perhaps this is a fictional world, not real, but, nevertheless, it was important for us to make the viewer feel a sense of belonging to what is happening on the screen," shared the director.

The fate of the characters in the picture, is mostly unhappy, says Narmania, - nevertheless, the characters "do not cease to be beautiful."

The director said that this year 48 films from more than 2000 applications were included in the short list of the Arctic open film festival. The competition program was divided into several segments, covering a short and full-length feature films.

Victory at the festival in Arkhangelsk is not the first significant award of the film.

"We received the first and most expensive prize in Sukhum at the international festival SIFF (Sukhum International Film Festival - ed.), then there was the Grand Prix at the Konik film festival in Moscow, after that we went to Kaliningrad for the "In short" festival, and took a special prize there. In December, it became known that the National Film Academy of Russia put us in a recommendation list for the "Golden Eagle" film award for 2018," said Inar Narmania.

The Arctic Open International Film Festival took place from December 6 to December 9 and was held for the second time. This year, films from Russia, Abkhazia, USA, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Denmark were presented for the competition.