Three teams competed for the title of champion in the tournament in the national sports game "Аимцакьачара".

The finals of the Abkhazian folk games tournament "Аимцакьачара" took place in the Apsny ethnopark. This is the name of a team ball game, reminiscent of modern rugby. According to the rules, team captains knock down a small felt ball with wooden sticks, while trying to throw it to the players of their team. The catcher must run to the finish line and try not get caught by opponents who are trying to take the ball away.

The World Abaza Congress launched a project to revive folk games two years ago. During this time, as part of the project, master classes and competitions were held in different regions of Abkhazia. This year the project has become more ambitious.

"We are very pleased that the competition is being held for the first time in this format and on such a scale. We are confident that next year the tournament will cover even more towns and villages of Abkhazia. Promotion of folk sports among young people, along with other Abkhazian traditional activities, is one of the key areas of the Congress’ work," noted Temur Rekvava, head of the WAC regional branch in Sukhum.

The tournament was co-organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Youth Affairs and Sports. Assistance in holding the competition was provided by the Apsny ethnopark.

"Holding games is of great importance, firstly, it is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the development of strength, agility, and endurance. In addition, such a game introduces young people to national traditions. We have plans to create a Federation for national sports; this will help bring them to a new level. Preparatory work is already underway, everything will work out through joint efforts," said Idris Kara-Osman-ogly, Head of the Youth Policy Department of the State Committee for Youth and Sports.

The tournament began with welcoming words from the organizers, after which children’s ensembles "Adats" and "Adaul" performed for the guests and participants. Three teams of schoolchildren from the villages of Lykhny, Chlou and Sukhum Secondary School No. 5 took part in the competition. The tournament lasted several hours. The young participants spared no effort in demonstrating strength, agility and team spirit. 

"I'm very pleased with the guys. The Chlou team has been playing well for a long time; the team from the Sukhum School No. 5 did well in terms of tactics even in the qualifying tournament. We held a master class for the Lykhny team, which also includes schoolchildren from the Bambora Secondary School, just last week, and they showed an excellent level," said Valery Berzenia, head of the WAC Youth Development and Physical Culture Department.

The team from the village of Chlou won the competition. Sukhum School No. 5 took the second place; the team from the village of Lykhny took the third place. The tournament participants were awarded cups, medals and certificates.