The creator of the cartoon is the famous opera singer and artist Astamur Kvitsinia, the author of popular comics on Abkhazian mythology. The cartoonist took a plot from Abkhazian mythology as a basis.

The protagonist of this story, Abraskil, is an invincible and proud hero. He was born to become a defender of his people from foreigners, grew up a strong and resilient man. Having got himself a horse Arash, Abraskil began to fulfill his destiny. According to legend, over time, he began to resist not only enemies, but also the gods, for which he was punished and exhausted by them. The enemies of Abraskil took advantage of this, chaining the hero and his horse in the cave.

In Astamur Kvitsinia's interpretation, the heroes of this famous Abkhazian parable came to life in a unique children's comedy. The cartoon was voiced by actors Ruslan Shakaia, Mikhail Tskua, Kesou Khagba, Eric Mikaa and Timur Arshba. The famous Abkhazian actor Dzhambul Jordania acted as a sound engineer.