Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with schoolteacher Mary Tkhagusheva on the author's TV show "Walking the paths of Apsuara".

The special guest of the author's television program of the journalist Ekaterina Bebia "Walking the paths of Apsuara" is the teacher and headmaster of the Gudauta Secondary School No. 2 Mary Tkhagusheva. In her interview, she talks about the need to teach the basics of the moral and ethical code of Abkhazian’s "Apsuara" in secondary schools in Abkhazia. The interview was recorded in Sukhum, in the studio of the Abkhazian State Television, in 2009.

"During the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia, thanks to Nodar Chanba, the study of Apsuara was introduced into the school curriculum as a subject. However in the post-war years, he was removed from the school curriculum. I think the subject of "Apsuara" should be reintroduced into teaching. Many people say so, but so far nothing has been done in this direction. Who is stopping us?!" Mary Tkhagusheva noted.