Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with writer and publicist Shamil Pilia on the author's TV program "Walking the paths of Apsuara".  

The guest of the studio of the author's television program of journalist Ekaterina Bebia "Walking the paths of Apsuara" writer and publicist Shamil Pilia talks about the directions and principles of Apsuara. The interview was recorded in Sukhum, in the studio of the Abkhazian State Television, in 2009.

"Apsuara is a national academy. I tell about it in my books. Nature itself put Apsuara in our genes, and we pass this knowledge on from generation to generation at the genetic level. Apsuara is a high culture of human behavior. For us Abkhazians, in addition to God, strength also lies in the Apsuara.  All our folk philosophy also comes down to our traditions," said Shamil Pilia.