Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with Tatyana Shamba-Adleyba, a mother of many children, on the author's TV show "Walking the paths of Apsuara".  

As part of the video cycle of TV shows by journalist Ekaterina Bebia "Walking the paths of Apsuara", scholar Schurbey Tsargush is interviewing Tatyana Shamba-Adleyba, a resident of the village of Otap, a mother of many children, about the basics of Apsuara.

Tatyana Shamba-Adleyba believes that the appearance of any person is important. She considers it unacceptable for brides to wear overly revealing wedding dresses at Abkhazian weddings. She supports the communication of the daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law, at the same time does not accept such communication of the daughter-in-law with the father-in-law.

"There are scholars who can save Apsuara, there are people who observe our traditions and thereby contribute to its preservation, but the situation is quite frightening. It is necessary to unite our efforts and work in this direction.  …", said Tatyana Shamba-Adleyba.