Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with publicist Zakan Agrba on the author's TV program "Walking the paths of Apsuara".  

The guest of the author's TV show of journalist Ekaterina Bebia "Walking the paths of Apsuara" is the editor-in-chief of the Gagra regional newspaper, a member of the Abkhazian national liberation movement, journalist, public figure Zakan Agrba. In his interview, Agrba tells what Apsuara is, what needs to be done to preserve it, and how to observe it correctly. The interview was recorded in Sukhum, in the studio of the Abkhazian State Television, in 2009.

"Apsuara means not breaking tradition. The question "Are you not an Abkhazian?!" is a big insult for any Abkhazian. Apsuara cannot be learned by heart, it must be observed. The main source here should be the family…", said Zakan Agrba.