Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with Arzamet Ayba and Igor Tsvinaria.

As part of the series of TV programs "Walking the paths of the Apsuara", journalist Ekaterina Bebia interviewed  public figure Arzamet Ayba and scholar Igor Tsvinaria. The topic of the conversation is the image and behavior of an Abkhazian girl.

"In the appearance of an Abkhazian girl, the modesty of her image deserves respect. As before, she should not attend funeral wearing trousers. She should have humanity and a conscientious attitude to everything," Arzamet Ayba says in an interview.

"The upbringing of an Abkhazian girl begins in the ancestral home. She should see a suitable example of the image of the Abkhazian girl in her family. All this she must develop within her. For the daughter, her mother has always been an example, for the son - the father ... ", - says scholar Igor Tsvinaria.