Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with the teacher Dzhuma Gabunia. Interview recorded in AGTRK studio in 2009.

As part of the series of TV programs "Walking the paths of the Apsuara", journalist Ekaterina Bebia interviewed the teacher of the Zvandripsh Secondary School, Dzhuma Gabunia.

Dzhuma Gabunia was also the Head of this school for many years. In his interview, he talks about the importance of creating television programs about Apsuara, about the daily life of Abkhazians, about customs and culture.

"The issue of introducing the subject of "Apsuara" in Abkhazian schools is of great importance. Equally important is the creation of television programs on the Abkhazian State Television about Apsuara," says Dzhuma Gabunia.