The challenge bronze cup of the Fifth National Games of the Abaza people will be taken home by a team from the village of Elburgen, and a special prize will stay in Inzhich-Chukun.

Said Bargandzhia

The opening of the Fifth Abkhaz-Abaza Games on July 21 was marked by a colorful salute, after which the participants started competitions. The teams competed in armsport, pole climbing, long jump, weight running, stone throwing, 100 meters distance running, shooting at targets, tug-of-war, and football and volleyball.

Many participants of the competitions noted that for them the main thing in the Abkhaz-Abaza games was not victory, but participation.

"This is my fifth year of participation in the games. It's very cool that we have such an opportunity: not only to prove ourselves in sports, but also to get acquainted with guys from different countries, make friends," - said the participant representing the village of Apsua (Karachay-Cherkessia).

The captain of the women's volleyball team from Abkhazia Ilona Gunba shared her impressions.

"Our team played four games today and won all of them. We come to the games for the third time and always return home with a victory. We carefully prepare for the Abaza games and always gladly participate in them," - said the volleyball player.

Most of all victories in all the presented games were won by the team from the village of Elburgen, which will take home the cup that was cast from bronze and covered with national ornaments.

Another special cup of Taras Shamba was given to the team from the village of Inzhich-Chukun. In the overall, teams from the villages of Kubin and the Krasny Vostok took the second and third places.

Games of the people of Abaza are held in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic for the fifth time. The geographical boundaries of participants of the competitions are expanding every year, covering new regions of Russia and abroad.