The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov, elected to the post of the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of the KChR, told the WAC about his plans for this post.

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress, was elected Deputy Chairman of the People’s Assembly of Karachay-Cherkessia at the last session on September 25. He talked about his plans for this post in an interview with the WAC.

Mussa Ekzekov began to write the history of creation and success in St. Petersburg, creating a unique territory for the development of the “Grand Canyon”. This place is a center of attraction for residents and visitors of the second most important city in Russia. Management talent, ability to understand people, life experience, as well as a skillfully selected team predetermined success - in 2016 at the anniversary award of the 10th international investment forum on real estate PROESTATE 2016 the “Grand Canyon” project was recognized as the best object of the decade in the “Commercial Real Estate” nomination.

“We have changed the aura of this place, united everything that is necessary for the harmonious development of the family and children. When creating a commercial project, we first of all thought that the person would be comfortable here, that he would be happy, that new generations of Russians would grow strong, - said Mussa Khabalevich. - So, in the “Grand Canyon” on the basis of the sports club “Leader Sport” there is a “Children's Sports Academy”, in the sections of which more than a thousand children study. We have raised not only the Russian champions, but also European and world.”

Effectively solving business problems, Mussa Ekzekov with like-minded people from the ANO “Alashara” has been implementing humanitarian projects in the North Caucasus and Abkhazia for more than 10 years aimed at preserving and developing the language, traditions and culture of the Abaza people.

“A professional team and knowledge of the situation on the ground, multiplied by the traditions and culture of the peoples of the Caucasus, lead to an extraordinary synergistic effect, - stressed Mussa Ekzekov. - We involve all creative people in our orbit, we change the attitude of people towards the world, return faith in our own strength. I am convinced that the model we established to create a strong and patriotic civil society can be taken as a model and applied in every region of the Republic and region of Russia.”

Mussa Ekzekov said that as a result of work for many years, he developed skills in interacting with the administrations of settlements, cities and, more generally, with the administration of the KChR.  The experience accumulated over the years served as an incentive to “look towards politics”.

The newly elected deputy chairman of the KChR Parliament noted that he intends to seriously work on improving regional legislation in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the population and business.

“We (Abaza - ed.) do not live as a separate ethnic group on a separate island, therefore, in our multinational Republic, no matter what we do, if we create the right models for solving problems and questions, then these models, of course, quickly spread to other ethnic groups of the KChR,” he emphasized and added that legislative activity in the representative body of state power of Karachay-Cherkessia is “first of all, a great responsibility”.

The Chairman of the WAC outlined the range of issues that he will deal with in his new position.

“If we move away from “dry” legal concepts, then today I consider the raising of children, preservation of national languages, and work to improve the quality of education as the primary issues. Particular attention should be paid to schools, kindergartens - because the future of our country depends on what we invest in each child,” said Mussa Ekzekov.

He emphasized that preserving the language is “preserving the ethnic group.”

“We want to use the platform of the Parliament for a more systematic, absolutely open, sincere and fruitful communication on issues related to the preservation of languages. It is necessary to create a state program, the purpose of which will be to preserve the language as the foundation of any nation and, as a result, the state as a whole,” said Mussa Ekzekov.

In conclusion, the newly elected Deputy Chairperson of the KChR Parliament expressed his hope that the work of the KChR Parliament would be successful.

“I am convinced that the teamwork of the deputies of the National Assembly with the support of our voters will bring good results. We are ready to solve the most serious problems,” he emphasized.

Additional positions of Deputy Chairmen of the National Assembly in 2019 were introduced for the first time in the history of the KChR Parliament. They were occupied by Mussa Ekzekov and Albina Aslanukova. They will work on a voluntary basis.