The World Abaza Congress on Children's Day held a children's holiday in the village of Atara on June 2.

The World Abaza Congress on Children's Day held a children's holiday in the village of Atara on June 2.

Текст: On June 1, the World Abaza Congress organized a children's holiday in the village of Atara, Ochamchira district, dedicated to the International Children's Day.

Before the start of the holiday, the children lined up and waited impatiently for the images of their favorite cartoon characters to be applied to their faces.  Other characters - life-size puppets in costumes of cartoon characters - entertained guests throughout the holiday. Each child had the opportunity to take a photo for memories with the Bumblebee transformer, who made a special impression on everyone.

Animators have prepared another surprise for children - a soap bubble show.  Everyone could take part in it and try to blow out the biggest bubble.

At the end of the evening, a paper show awaited all the participants. Children danced and had fun scattering paper serpentine specially made for this purpose.  And, of course, they were given incomparable joy with sweet gifts that the WAC gave to all the children who came for the holiday.


Geta Ardzinba, head of the WAC Women's Councils, noted that Congress could not ignore International Children's Day.

“When we decided how to spend this day, this holiday, we thought that last year we had a great event in the center of Sukhum, and now we want to pay attention to those villages that are far from the center, and started from the village of Atara.  We believe that this holiday should unite children not only in the capital, but also in villages, so that such joyful days remain in the memory of children and become part of their childhood.  Therefore, the World Abaza Congress is here today,” said Ardzinba.

Math teacher of Atara High School Mavrik Kvitsiniya believes that such holidays instruct children, guide them on the right path - and simply delight, which is also very important.

"This holiday brought joy to the children that they lacked in recent months, because the children did not meet each other because of the virus (due to restrictions in the situation with the coronavirus pandemic - ed.).  Today's meeting of its kind contributed to a reminder of school life. All of this is important.  May God give all the best to everyone who organized this event.  Where there are children, there is always happiness.  Children help to forget about hardships and difficulties of life.  I wish children all over the world well-being and a peaceful sky above their heads,” the teacher concluded.

The joy on the faces of the children, indeed, was hard to miss.

“I had a lot of fun, I liked catching bubbles the most.  I would like such holidays to be held more often, ”said schoolgirl Saria Kvitsiniya, who shared her impressions.

Her relative, young Milena Kvitsiniya, literally started dancing from the first minutes of the holiday.  She says that she didn’t even notice how quickly time passed.

“I really liked this holiday today - when we solved riddles, when we played with bubbles.  I want to say thank you to everyone.  We hope that such a holiday will happen again,” she said.

Another girl, Naala Gitsba, arrived for a holiday with her father from Sukhum.  She admitted that in a few hours she managed to make friends with many guys from the village of Atara.

“We blew bubbles, played.  Most of all I liked playing with children.  I met many children,” she said.

An 11-year-old resident of the village, Anri Sangulia, expressed hope that the WAC would arrange the same holiday in the future.

“I really liked everything, but most of all - to burst bubbles and dance.  Many thanks to all the organizers!”  - thanked the boy.

The World Abaza Congress pays great attention to working with children.  On June 1, 2019, the WAC organized a large-scale holiday in Sukhum; more than 300 children from all over Abkhazia attended the event. International Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision to hold it was made back in 1925 at the World Conference on the well-being of children in Geneva. However, for the first time it was possible to celebrate this holiday only 25 years later - in 1950, after which it began to be held annually. Children's Day is not only a children's holiday, it is also a reminder to society about the need to protect the rights of the child so that all children grow up happy, learn, do what they love and in the future become wonderful parents and citizens of their country.