By the order of Mussa Ekzekov, a new body has been created in the structure of the WAC, the office of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Congress.

Said Bargandzhia

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress, Mussa Ekzekov, signed an order, according to which the office of the Supreme Council of the Congress was created in the structure of the WAC. The office is headed by Kan Tania.

The newly appointed head emphasized that the office is not a governing body, but a structural subdivision ensuring the statutory activities of the organization and the fulfillment of the instructions of the chairman within his authority.

Much attention will be paid to working with regional and local councils of the WAC.

“We see the need to coordinate the actions of all regional and local Councils of the Congress, as well as their more effective interaction. To this end, the office of the Chairman of the Congress, Mussa Ekzekov, was created,” said Kan Tania.

He added that the organization’s geography is now expanding, new regional and local councils are being created, and this process will continue. Today, Councils of the Congress have been established and function in the Republic of Abkhazia, the Republic of Turkey, the Russian Federation (KChR, the CBR, the cities of Stavropol, St. Petersburg and Moscow), but this is "only the beginning of the work."

Among the tasks of the new division are the preparation of annual action plans of the Congress, their submission to the chairman for approval and control of their implementation, preparation of annual financial and other reports, preparation of meetings and events with the chairman, working with citizens and other functions in accordance with the decisions and instructions of the chairman .

The office of the President of the international association for the development of the Abaza-Abkhaz ethnos “Alashara” of M.Kh. Ekzekov was also created by the order of Mussa Ekzekov. Kan Tania was appointed its head.