Upon completion of the work of the WAC "Aimadara" project in 2022, more than 400 children from different villages of Abkhazia travelled around the country.

Selma Bazba 

The second stage of the WAC "Aimadara" project, aimed at organising children's educational leisure, has ended. In 2022, more than 400 schoolchildren from five villages - Chlou, Bambora, Merkula, Aatsy, Gup, as well as students of the Ochamchira Boarding School, took part in it.

 As part of the project, the team of the Sukhum office of the Congress, together with representatives of the Local branches, conducted tours to the sights of Abkhazia for children from the villages of the Republic.

The study tours were carried out for six months, from June to November.  During the project, representatives of the WAC took the children on excursions to the "Pride" lion park, the "Apsny" ethnopark, the Novy Afon and Otap caves, the Abkhazian national dolphinarium and the Mokva Cathedral.

The first stage of the "Aimadara" project (previously Ashtra) was held in 2019 jointly with the "AMCH" Public Organization. More than 80 schoolchildren from the villages of Uarcha, Tamysh, Lykhny, Dzhgerda and the village of Dranda took part in it.

Dmitry Zhiba, Head of the WAC Department for Work with Local Branches, curator of the "Aimadara" project, spoke about the results of the work done.

The "Aimadara" project is aimed at spending children's leisure. In the warm season, we took children on tour around our country. The children were enthusiastic about this initiative and looked forward to the trips. For half a year they were learning about the monuments of architecture and history of Abkhazia. This project unites and reveals the potential of our country for schoolchildren.  Given the great success of the project, we intend to continue it next year," Zhiba said.

At the end of the "Aimadara" project, the WAC team organized an excursion to the "Apsny" Ethnopark and the "Pride" lion park for students of the Gup Secondary School named after Daur Sarsania. An educational excursion was held for the students in the ethnopark: the students visited the smithy, examined various exhibits of traditional Abkhazian culture, went to the exhibition hall with paintings by contemporary Abkhazian artists, and also shot a bow in the archery field. At the end of the day, the students went to the "Pride" lion park, where, besides the lions, they saw a tiger and a camel.

For many participants of the project, this was the first acquaintance with the sights, which they studied with great interest. Ariana Bagatelia, a tenth grade student of the Gup Secondary School, shared her impressions and thanked the organizers for the day.

"Thanks to the project of the World Abaza Congress, we first came on such an excursion.  We saw a lot of new and interesting things. This trip gave me a lot of positive emotions. I had never shot a bow before, but today I had the opportunity to try myself in this sport. All the students of our school are waiting for such events to continue," she shared.

Summing up the results of the project, the WAC team noted the success of the mission to popularize famous places in Abkhazia among young people and outlined plans for the further development of the project.