The conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the "Abaza" freestyle wrestling club was held in Novy Afon.

The conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the "Abaza" freestyle wrestling club was held in Novy Afon. Its main message was the slogan "10 years of stable development", and one of the main topics was the impact of sports on personal development.

The conference was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, the founder and president of the "Abaza" club Mussa Ekzekov, the head of the "Abaza" club Leonid Bodzhgua, the European and USSR freestyle wrestling champion Rash Khutaba, the head coach of the Abkhazian freestyle wrestling team Jarnaz Benia and the master of sports of the USSR, Honored Coach of Abkhazia Dzuka Benia.

The moderator of the conference, Adgur Gumba, told about the history of the "Abaza" club and its pupils, who have repeatedly become champions and prize-winners of international competitions.  Then, the participants and guests of the event were shown a shortened version of the film dedicated to the formation and development of the "Abaza" club and filmed by the Information Department of the WAC, after which the planned discussion began.

The speaker of the press conference, Dzuka Benia, noted that in recent years the level of professionalism of wrestlers from Abkhazia has grown significantly. The credit for the development of this sport largely belongs to Mussa Ekzekov and the "Abaza" club.

"Mussa Ekzekov approached to instill in young people a love for freestyle wrestling as a true professional. He inspires novice athletes with his example and makes it clear that everything is possible if you are not lazy and put effort into your work," Benia said.

When asked about the prospects for the pupils of the "Abaza" sports club, Rash Khutaba noted that the athletes who train at the club today have repeatedly shown themselves in the best possible way at Russian and international competitions.

Leonid Bodzhgua, in turn, told about the difficult process of popularizing freestyle wrestling in Abkhazia. He singled out the significant achievements of the Club's students and noted the key problems that hinder the development of this sport and hoped that the state and the "Abaza" club would be able to solve them through the joint efforts.

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, addressed all the participants of the conference. In his speech, he spoke about the crucial role of sport in the education of the younger generation. He noted that professional sports require continuous work on oneself, but it is extremely useful, because it educates a person in character and the will to win.

Mussa Ekzekov shared his plans for the future: these are plans to create a freestyle wrestling center in Abkhazia, where athletes from around the world will be able to train using the most modern approach and equipment. "In Abkhazia, we will try to create better conditions for athletes. Therefore, we will gradually move towards raising Olympic champions," Ekzekov said.

The speakers of the conference discussed a wide range of issues - from state support for freestyle wrestling initiatives to the possibility of holding international competitions in Abkhazia.
The conference continued with the awards ceremony for athletes and not only them. Mussa Ekzekov also received a special award for his contribution to the development of freestyle wrestling in Abkhazia from the head of the club, Leonid Bodzhgua. The Chairman of the WAC Supreme Council expressed gratitude for this special attention and wished prosperity to the "Abaza" sports club.

Then he himself awarded all the coaches of the "Abaza" club for their contribution to the development of freestyle wrestling in Abkhazia. They were awarded for the education of outstanding athletes, for coaching. In addition, Boris Cholokua, Zaur Tyrkba, Valentin Bartsyts, Dmitry Bagatelia and Beshirishi Manuchar were posthumously awarded for coaching.
Pupils of the "Abaza" were awarded medals "For sports victories at international championships" and "Promising". 

The conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "Abaza" freestyle wrestling club was held as part of the events dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the World Abaza Congress.

The first and only freestyle wrestling club in Abkhazia "Abaza" was founded in July 2009.  From the very beginning, the ideological inspirer and founder of the club, Mussa Ekzekov, saw the main mission in increasing the interest of the children of Abkhazia in sports and a healthy lifestyle. More than 70 million rubles have been invested in the maintenance of the club and the development of freestyle wrestling in the Republic for 13 years.

By 2022, 36 coaches will pass on their skills to athletes in the club throughout Abkhazia.  For 13 years, the Abaza club has released more than 3,500 pupils.  Today, 648 pupils aged 5 to 16 train there.  In all regions of Abkhazia, sections of the club are open and work. There are 16 pupils outside of Abkhazia.

Information partners of the VIII Convention of the World Abaza Congress: Abkhazian State Television and Radio Company (AGTRK), Abaza-TV channel, Sputnik Abkhazia news agency.
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