The abkhazian cartoon "Abraskil's adventures", created in 2020 by the Abkhazian singer, artist and cartoonist Astamur Kvitsinia, was translated into English by the World Abaza Congress information portal.

The premiere of the cartoon "Abraskil's adventures" was held on August 27, 2020 in Sukhum at the Abkhazian State Philharmonic named after R. Gumba. The animator took as a basis a plot from Abkhazian mythology. The protagonist of this story, Abraskil, is an invincible and proud hero. He was born to become a defender of his people from strangers; he grew up to be a strong and hardy person. Having obtained for himself the horse Arash, Abraskil began to fulfill his destiny. According to legend, over time, he began to resist not only enemies, but also the gods, for which he was punished by them and weakened. The enemies of Abraskil took advantage of this, chaining the hero and his horse in a cave.