The WAC congratulated the first graders of Abkhazia on the first school day with the distribution of school notebooks, diaries and sports equipment.

The World Abaza Congress distributed notebooks and diaries in the Abkhazian to rural schools, on the back of which the Abkhazian alphabet and national symbols are printed, as well as balls for various sports games. The action is timed to the Knowledge Day on September 1 and is held by the Congress for the second time.

In total, this year the Congress will hand over 4,000 notebooks, 250 diaries and 650 balls for playing football, volleyball, basketball and handball to rural schools in Abkhazia. The balls were handed over to the Abkhazian schoolchildren by members of the Regional Branch of the Congress in Turkey headed by Akhmet Khapat, as well as members of the local branches of the WAC in the Republic of Turkey. 

The WAC Executive Secretary Inar Gitsba clarified that all gifts are for first graders.

"This year [compared to last year] the diaries have added to the set of gifts. For the first time in Abkhazia, diaries were published in the Abkhazian language. The drawing on the cover of the diary was prepared by the famous Abkhazian musician and artist Astamur Kvitsinia," Inar Gitsba said.

He noted that the action began by distributing gifts to schools in Duripsh, Uarcha and Dzhirkhva, and will continue in the villages of Lykhny, Kulanyrkhua and Dranda.

"At schools we were received with special warmth. Everyone noted that both notebooks and diaries were published in the Abkhazian language," said the WAC Executive Secretary.

The head of the Local Council of the WAC in the village of Duripsh, the head of the educational unit of the Tvan-Arkhuk secondary school, Ilona Agumaa, noted that the WAC has been paying attention to their school for several years.

"We get a lot of help from the Congress. We are very pleased. We are confident that our friendship will last for a long time," said Ilona Agumaa.

The Director of the Duripsh Abkhazian school, Hannah Khagba, noted that rural schools today are experiencing many problems. School leadership is primarily aimed at ensuring that students do not leave rural schools.

"Any attention is important to us. This is a very good gift. Thanks everybody!"  thanked Khagba.

The Director of the Kulanyrkha Secondary school, Asida Tsushba, also expressed gratitude to the World Abaza Congress, in particular, to the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov, on behalf of the school team.

"Children will be happy both with notebooks and diaries. Thank you for your attention, we are very pleased," said the Director.

Last year, in 2019, the World Abaza Congress distributed 5,000 notebooks to first-graders of Abkhazia, on the back of which the Abkhazian alphabet and national symbols were also printed.