The regional branch of the WAC in St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg House of Nationalities began their cooperation within the framework of the agreement signed on January 22.

Said Bargandzhia

Timur Rekvava, Chairperson of the Regional Branch of the WAC in St. Petersburg, and Elena Kuznetsova, Director of the St. Petersburg State Treasury Agency, St. Petersburg House of Nationalities, signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday 22 January.

According to Rekvava, one of the main tasks of cooperation is work in the sphere of the cultural life of the northern capital. This applies to both holding events and introducing the Abkhaz-Abaza diaspora to various cultural events in St. Petersburg.

“The agreement with the House of Nationalities will allow us to officially plan joint events: national holidays, seminars, scientific and practical conferences, round tables, meetings, concerts and much more. All this will help to establish closer ties and contacts between the Abkhaz-Abaza diaspora and representatives of other active diasporas in St. Petersburg,” Timur Rekvava noted.

The parties will also cooperate in the development of socially significant initiatives aimed at the formation of interethnic and interfaith harmony in the northern capital of the Russian Federation. In addition, the agreement involves the interaction of organizations in the preservation and development of native languages, customs and traditions of ethnic communities in St. Petersburg.

The Council of the regional branch of the WAC in St. Petersburg has been operating since July 2, 2018. One of the main goals of the regional council is to consolidate the Abkhaz-Abaza diaspora living in the northern capital of Russia.