The World Abaza Congress, together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia, resumed a project for medical examination of students and teachers in rural schools in the new academic year.

The World Abaza Congress, together with the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, launched the second stage of medical examination in rural schools of the republic. This academic year the first trip took place to the village of Dzhgyarda, Ochamchira district. Schoolchildren and teachers from the village of Guada also came for the inspection. In total, doctors treated about a hundred people.

Traditionally, medical examination took place in two stages. On the first day, students and teachers donated blood for a general analysis and glucose level, and a few days later they came with the results to be checked by general practitioners. The schoolchildren were examined by cardiologist Inga Pipia, ECG nurse Elsa Dzhindzholia, ophthalmologist Fatima Sangulia, pediatricians Alisa Golandzia and Gayana Berberyan, rehabilitation specialist Arzadin Agrba, radiologist Aslan Berzenia, urologist David Smyr and endocrinologist Khamida Dzhikirba. 

Naur Khishba, specialist of the WAC department for education, social activity and health, told about the importance of medical examination.

“Fortunately, most children are healthy, but at the same time, urology and cardiology specialists have identified a number of problems in many children that require urgent attention. This once again emphasizes how important it is to preventively diagnose various diseases, especially in childhood. People living in villages, especially children from large families, do not always have the opportunity to get to the doctor on time. That’s why, through our project we are trying to facilitate their access to medicine. The diagnoses and results that we see once again emphasize the importance of medical examination,” Khishba shared. 

The head of the village of Dzhgyarda, the head of the local branch of the WAC, Adgur Amichba, highly praised the WAC project.

“The news that a medical examination will be carried out at our school was received with joy by both teachers and parents. The children and teachers underwent an extensive medical examination, for which we express our gratitude to the World Abaza Congress and the doctors. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the project; the attention that the organization pays to the health of children and teachers is especially gratifying,” said Amichba. 

This is the eighth trip of the Congress as part of the medical examination. The first took place in March 2023. The project is aimed at providing qualified medical care to students in rural schools in Abkhazia. It is held with the financial support of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov. Cardiologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, a urologist and a radiologist were involved in the implementation of the project as well. The next medical examination will take place in the high-mountain village of Pskhu from September 15 to 17.