The delegation of the World Abaza Congress arrived on October 21 with a working visit to Turkey, where it will meet with public and Diaspora organizations to discuss plans for cooperation.

Said Bargandzhia

The delegation of the WAC, consisting of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Congress, Mussa Ekzekov, and the Executive Secretary, Inar Gitsba, arrived on a working visit to the Republic of Turkey on Sunday, October 21. The purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with the Abkhaz-Abaza public organizations operating in Turkey, the Executive Secretary of the WAC said.

«We expect to attract all potential activists who are able to support the activities of the Congress aimed at strengthening and developing the ethnocultural unity of the Abkhaz-Abaza people, at preserving and deepening traditional values, continuity, and learning the native language,» said Inar Gitsba. This visit is the second visit of the delegation of the WAC to Turkey.

«During the first visit, a «road map» was formed. We expect that we will discuss in more detail those plans that were mentioned earlier, we will begin to implement them,» explained Gitsba.

Working meetings will be held in Istanbul, Ankara and the Sakarya region.

It is expected that subject and system plans will be formulated for joint work of the Congress and public Diaspora organizations, such as the Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers in Turkey (Abkhazfed) and the Federation of Caucasian Cultural Centers in Turkey (Cavfed).

It is also planned to develop a systemic structure of the Congress in the territory of the Turkish Republic and a detailed work plan for the WAC in Turkey.

The working visit of the delegation of the World Abaza Congress to the Republic of Turkey will last until October 25.